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Care Bears Togetherness Bear from Basic Fun UK

Over the weekend my daughter was given homework from her new teacher. Thankfully it wasn’t Maths or English, the class was told to go and have some fun! So we seized the chance to take Little Sis to her favourite park. Her brother was able to take his model boat on the boating lake whilst we went over to the amazing children’s playground. We’re written about Northala Fields before, it is the best place to go and have sone fun!

Northala Fields London

Little Sis was recently gifted the new Care Bears Togetherness Bear from Basic Fun.

We have been fans of Care Bears forever! Little Sis loves her cuddlies and we really like Togetherness Bear as it is unique, colourful and all about bringing everyone together!

Care Bears Togetherness Bear

The Care Bears are a group of huggable BFFs living that sweet caring life and what better way for you to join in on the fun than with the new Care Bears Plush. Each Care Bears is 36cm in size, perfect for unlimited bear hugs, and ready for you to take on your adventures of sharing and caring! Togetherness Bear is actually  the first new Care Bear in over 10 years! This beautiful new bear is unique with every colour of the rainbow and no two bears look alike!

Care Bears Togetherness Bear from Basic Fun UK

We took the new Care Bears Togetherness Bear with us to the park. It features gorgeous, soft huggable material (ready for unlimited bear hugs) and features a sweet heart-shaped belly badge.

They are great for engaging in imaginative play, and encourage empathy and language development skills.

Along with Togetherness Bear there are many more Care Bears to collect including Birthday Bear, Grumpy Bear, Cheers Bear, Funshine Bear, Wish-a-lot Bear, Good Luck Bear and Tenderheart Bear.

Care Bears Togetherness Bear from Basic Fun UK

Care Bears Togetherness Bear is priced £16.99 and available from all good toy shops including Smyths Toys Superstore.

If you happen to be in London on September 11th  why not pop over to Carnaby Street for Care Bears and MurWalls in the Irregular Choice shoe shop!

On 11th September, MurWalls are going to be hosting a live event at the Irregular Choice store in Carnaby Street.  They’re going to be displaying their Care Bears limited-edition print on easels and Silvi, the original artist will be doing a live street art painting demonstration.

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