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Little Live Bizzy Bubs toy review

A few weeks ago Little Sis was sent two of the new for Spring 2018 Little Live Bizzy Bubs from Character Options. We’ve reviewed something from the Little Live (Pets) range before and it’s something my children still play with and enjoy. I was interested to see what my daughter would think of Little Live Bizzy Bubs.

Little Live Bizzy Bubs

New to the Little Live collection from Character Options are Little Live Bizzy Bubs! These little bundles of joy are way too busy for bedtime! Full of life and personality they can’t wait to play and show you what they can do! Kids can collect the Bizzy Bubs babies as single pack, or with playsets, and each baby has its own character and personality!

My daughter loves her dolls but didn’t have anything this size. I think the size is great for small hands, and they are the perfect size to pop in a bag or take out with you. We opened two of the Little Live Bizzy Bubs and you can see our unboxing video here:

There are 5 of the Bizzy Bubs to collect. The Single Pack babies are called Poppy, Primm, Polly Petals and Snowbeam. You can also purchase playsets such as the Cute Carrier with exclusive Swirlee baby and the Cute Crib which comes with an exclusive Gracie baby.

We loved our Bizzy Bubs Primm and Snowbeam. They both do different things, one walks and one crawls and they make the most adorable little noises. Each baby has a personality and bio so kids can collect them all!

My daughter found them really funny which I think comes across in her video. She is *still* obsessed with all the bodily functions so these little dolls are perfect for her. I also like the fact they come with bottles and dummies so even though they are small you can still play with them.

Bizzy Bubs dolls

The instructions are really helpful so make sure you read them before you play. The dolls all do different things but I can see how much fun it would be to collect all of them.

Bizzy Bubs are from Moose Toys and distributed by Character options in the UK. They are part of the growing Little Live (Pets) collection. They are available from all good toy shops and Amazon, priced £14.99 for the single packs, and perfect for ages 5 and over. Don’t forget to check out for videos and character bios!

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    March 10, 2018 at 9:10 pm

    Aww these look really sweet! My little girlie would absolutely love them!

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