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Come and join me as a Crater Craftmaster!

Come and join me as a Crater Craftmaster!

Today I thought I’d share an app I recently discovered. I love my iPhone and love playing games on it. It’s fun to discover a new game and I find they are the perfect way to take 5 minutes for myself and relax throughout the day. Crater Craft is a fun, free app for both iOS and Google Play. Games are always so much more fun when your friends are playing so I thought I’d share my Player Tag (#86351d6) in case you want to come and find me!

Crater Craft from 55pixels

The Crater Craft app is available on both iOS and Google Play. I have an iPhone and it was easy to download and start playing straight away. The idea of the game is that when a series of volcanic eruptions disrupt a once prosperous planet, the planet’s locals reach out to nearby galaxies with a unique invitation… Crater Craftmasters wanted! No experience required!

Come and join me as a Crater Craftmaster!

Be warned. It’s fun and a highly addictive game. It’s a farming/village building game, similar to Hay Day or Farmville. It really doesn’t take long to get to grips with. There are lots of parts to the game but many get unlocked the more you play, making it pretty easy to start playing and figure everything out along the way. It’s actually perfect for when I’m sitting in the car, waiting for the kids to finish school – I seem to have a lot of spare time spent waiting for those kids of mine!

How to play Crater Craft

There are several parts to the game:

From Jelly Tulips to Candy Trees, your crater’s nectar-loving plants are truly out of this world! Chop them into raw materials with one swipe!

They’re adorable little creatures with rare crafting skills… and they can’t wait to join you! Expand and level up your workforce, unlock more crafting options!

Build your dream home, full of your greatest craft masterpieces! How will other Craftmasters rate your decorative efforts?

Meet other players, visit their craters, trade with them and take part in Craftmaster Leagues. Friendly or competitive crafting, it’s your choice!

Buy stylish clothes and accessories to make your Craftmaster character more you!

Want to run your own luxury guest hut resort? Be an artisan of rare materials? Or make your crater the biggest and best? On your crater, you’re in charge!

Decorate Rooms in Crater Craft

What do we think of Crater Craft?

I’ve really been enjoying playing Crater Craft. It’s free to download and play but there is the option of in-app purchases if you wish to upgrade quicker. I like the fact there is so much to see and do, and it’s really easy to navigate around the crater. I have spent a few hours playing it, harvesting my plants, recruiting Crafters and upgrading my buildings.

You do need to have a little patience though. I quickly ran out of space in my warehouse and a few items needed time to upgrade. I like to play for half an hour at bedtime, then wake up the next morning to see what has changed. I’m not particularly patient so a few times I’ve used vouchers to upgrade. It seemed to take a while to upgrade my house when I was getting desperate to upgrade it and decorate it. There ‘s a fun feature called Popular Rooms which is a weekly competition to showcase the most ‘liked’ rooms with prizes on offer – so it’s worth spending time making sure your house looks good!

I could tell you more about the app but I’m really hoping you’ll want to take a look for yourself. It has cute graphics and you can even customise your character. Here’s my tag #86351d6, add me as a friend and let’s compare our craters whilst we play Crater Craft!

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    December 15, 2017 at 8:56 pm

    I like playing games too. This looks like a fun game, will download it today only. Thanks for sharing xx

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    michelle twin mum
    December 15, 2017 at 10:10 pm

    I never play games but my son absolutely loves them, so I’ll get him to have a peek at this. Mich x

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