The Siblings Project {November 2017}

Yay for half term adventures! We had an amazing week away, thankfully, because since we’ve been home the weather has been cold and miserable and it’s been super hard to take nice photos. We stayed in three different places and did lots of exploring which made for some fun photos, here are my favourites from the past month.

I really like Bristol and loved exploring it with the children. We visited the Christmas Steps and couldn’t resist getting the children to stand in the alcoves.

From Bristol it was a quick car ride to visit my mum and her local pumpkin patch. It was FREEZING but definitely worth the effort.

pumpkin patch

Then it was another car journey to the Isle of Wight to see my sister. Luckily my nieces were there too and we were able to catch up and make lots of new memories. It was close to Halloween and my youngest insisted of wearing her scary Halloween costume everywhere!

It was really lovely to catch up with so many people in one place, even though it made me feel old to see everyone so grown up.

Fortunately the weather turned warmer and we had some amazing days out in the sunshine. We all loved exploring The Needles Old Battery (free thanks to our National Trust cards!), and the views over the Solent were amazing.

The Needles Old Battery

After a busy week away somehow we managed to make it home and out to KidZania London. It’s the children’s favourite place and they rushed around doing as many of the activities as they could. It was great to see them together in one of their favourite places.

Kidzania London

All too soon it was back to school – I think the children were glad of a rest! The weather turned colder again so I made them wear their coats, hats and scarves – of course the sun soon warmed them up and by pick up time everything had been discarded!

Life is so busy at the moment. Weekends are filled with parties and events such as Remembrance Day. My youngest has just joined Beavers and I was so proud to see them together representing their unit.

My children are growing up so quickly so I’m glad I take as many photos as I do, recording the little as well as the big moments.


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    November 19, 2017 at 12:06 pm

    What a lovely family. Bet you’ve got your hands full there. I’ve never heard of the Christmas steps in Bristol though. It looks like you packed loads into your half term.

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    mcihelle twin mum
    November 19, 2017 at 6:50 pm

    Ahh your tow look as if they have a wonderful relationship, so nice to see so many pictures of them happy together. Mich x

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