If I wanted to live in fear I would have moved to Baghdad

Another day of learning to live in the new London.

I should explain my selfish reasons for wanting a blog. It’s because I don’t want my life to be reduced to a photograph in the Evening Standard or at the end of the evening News because I’m not here anymore. I’m a person, not a great one, but still, I have a boyfriend, family, friends and hopes, dreams and aspirations. If anything happens I want to be remembered.

I’m trying to persuade my boyfriend to move somewhere safe. But as my mum pointed out last night, animal rights activists set off a series of bombs on the Isle of Wight not so long ago. Is anywhere safe anymore?

I’d really like to invite Tony Blair to spend a day in my shoes, let him try and get to work by public transport from North London to the City. Do you think he’d want to?

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