Handmade Valentine cards

I really want to encourage Big Brother to be crafty and get over my fear of mess by planning a couple of messy craft sessions a week. Today we made our own Valentine Day cards with some help from a potato.

First I cut a potato in half and cut a heart into one half using a cookie cutter.

I put a generous dollop of red paint onto an old plate and let BB have a go at printing heart shapes on a piece of paper which he loved.

Then I folded a piece of A4 paper in half and let him stamp a couple of hearts on one side. This one came complete with a handprint!

Simple but effective and hopefully Nanny and Auntie Caroline will love their handmade Valentines! After we had finished BB was let loose on the paints which he got everywhere!He had such a great time I will definitely be doing this again with him.

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8 Responses to Handmade Valentine cards

  1. I love potato stamps! Looks like a fun time was had by all. Very cute blog.
    Paulette recently posted..Light Bulbs become Sculptures

  2. Bod for tea

    Wow that was so effective! We haven’t tried potato stamps at chez Bod yet, must give it a go. Lovely post :D
    Bod for tea recently posted..Newbie no more?

  3. Hi hun just wanted to let you know that on my blog I’m giving away a £100 amazon voucher for appliances online. Thought u maybe interested as its a crafty one! Just get your kids to draw there fav food and link to appliances and then leave your link as a comment under my post. Its a number of post down on my blog or just find it by hitting fabulous competitions, link will be there. I also enter this on my other blog… Harley covered in chocolate lol… all good fun.xx Clairelouise.x
    Clairelouise recently posted..Are you unintentionally taking from a child with additional/complex needs or a serious illness

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  5. Lovely!! And we did some thank you potato printing cards this week too! Such fun with kids :-)

    Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


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