How to make a business card holder

I have some business cards and wanted to make a fabric business card holder to keep them in order in my handbag. This project took less than 30 minutes and you can make them for yourself or as presents as they can be used to hold business cards, credit cards or photographs of grandchildren!

1. Choose two pieces of fabric and cut 5″ x 10″. You’ll also need a piece of interfacing (to give it some stiffness) cut to the same size.

2. Place the pieces of fabric right sides together with the interfacing on top and stitch around, quite close to the edge. Leave a 2″ gap in the middle of one long side for turning. I pinned mine to make sure the three pieces stayed together.

3. Clip the corners. Turn the right way and iron.

4. Fold in half and stitch down the centre.

5. I used two different fabrics so choose which fabric you want on the outside. Fold each short edge towards the centre leaving a 1.5″ gap from the middle, pin in place. Stitch around the outside edge, this will ensure that the opening and each pocket is stitched in place. Insert business cards and you’re done!


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9 Responses to How to make a business card holder

  1. Carolin

    This looks fab. Shame I’m rubbish a sewing, knitting and all these things :(

  2. Amanda Cottingham

    I would love to go to cybermummy next year, if I do I’m sure I’ll need buisiness cards and I will make one of these to put them, fab idea!

  3. Even I could manage this! Love the fabrics you used.

  4. I am so investing in a machine! Fab!!!

    Thanks for linking up!

  5. Your business card holder is terrific! I like the fabrics you used. This is manageable enough to be sewn by hand. It’s a great idea.
    Creativity is a blast!

    Enjoy your day,

  6. Liz Burton

    Beautiful choice of fabrics – and you’re such a tease with that tiny glimpse of your ornate machine! It looks beautiful.

    I might have a go at this as a holder for OH’s Oyster card, thanks for the tutorial x

  7. Very cute – I love the spotty fabric x

  8. Windmilltales

    Love this! Great idea, I am just getting started with my sewing t Just added you to my reads! Visiting from Mummys Little Monkeys blog hop!

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