Christmas baking with the toddler

I’m a big fan of Ruth Clemens, blogger at The Pink Whisk and runner-up of the Great British Bake Off. She has recently teamed up with Persil to celebrate the launch of a new, limited edition Persil Warm Spice Washing Up Liquid and create some festive family recipes.

I was challenged to try one of her recipes at home and it was difficult to choose just one from Mini Sausage Twirls, Orange Fig Glazed Ham, Spiced Apple Chutney and Candy Cane Meringues. However eventually I chose the Christmas Biscuits as I have a bit of a sweet tooth! Take a look at the video to see Ruth making the biscuits with her son.

Over the weekend we got our baking stuff out and the toddler helped to make Christmas Biscuits. The recipe was easy to follow (and handily included steps specifically to involve the toddler) and we had soon made a variety of biscuits. We didn’t ice ours this time but I know we’ll be making them again so next time I will. They turned out really well and everyone has really enjoyed making and eating them.

tray of cooked Christmas biscuits

We also used the limited edition Persil Warm Spice Washing Up Liquid to help clean the mixing bowl and baking trays. It really helped do the job and we were left with squeaky clean plates and a lovely fragrant kitchen!

Persil warm spice next to a mixing bowl and plate of biscuits

Ruth Clemens has created a range of recipes to celebrate the launch of Persil’s Limited Edition Warm Spice Washing Up Liquid. For more information and recipes visit  


I have 5 bottles of the new limited edition Persil Warm Spice Washing Up Liquid to giveaway.

For your chance to win leave me a comment and tell me who does the washing up in your house.

For an extra entry tell others about the competition using the Retweet button below or tweet this message: I want to #win with @gingerbread_mum and make my kitchen smell Christmassy


Small print:

The prize consists of 5 prizes of Persil Warm Spice Washing Up Liquid. The giveaway ends December 17th at 8pm. The winners will be selected at random from all entries received and notified by email or their twitter handle. The prize is as stated: no cash alternatives are available, and will be sent by the PR company.


***** The winners are Paul Garner, Wendy Tolhurst, Lindsey Jones, Shirley Harpley and Suzanna Gentle *****


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178 Responses to Christmas baking with the toddler


    we always do it together me and my partner

  2. Sarah

    Mostly me but occasionally if I can bribe my 13 year old with credit for her phone or money for Costa coffee then I get a little break x


    The dishwasher – saved our marriage 😉

  4. Christina Field

    Always me

  5. ayako clarke

    Poor me

  6. Jim Milligan

    I do a fair share

  7. Jennine bunn

    My wonderful husband x

  8. Elisabeth Aldred

    Only me

  9. sarah clarke

    me or my mum

  10. k. sullivan

    me, only person who can do it right!

  11. emma weaver

    my husband

  12. barbara shaw

    ME ME ME ME ME — I am left to do everything!

  13. Vanessa Cox

    Me for fragile items and glasses – the rest goes to the dishwasher :)

  14. katie coup

    me and my husband take turns- whoever dosent cook does the washing up

  15. Gary Topley

    I do the washing up :)

  16. Alison

    Me as always!

  17. Susan Marshall

    The dishwasher does the most but anything that does not fit in is left to me

  18. Sharon Hughes

    me, tried to get the kids involved but they arent being duped at all grrrr

  19. Tracy Nixon

    Me! Always!

  20. Tracy Nixon

    Tweeted as @tracyknixon

  21. lewis collins

    i’m not ashamed to admit it. i wear my rubber gloves and do all the washing up in my house. we do however have a general rule. if my girlfriend cooks then i do the washing up. if i cook……then i do the washing up…..

  22. laura cope

    Anyone who can’t think of a good excuse not to.


    Always me, other half does the cooking!

  24. gerard

    dishwasher. yay for dishwashers

  25. claire grigg

    my partner and I both do the washing up


    I do it all

  27. Phil Darling

    Dishwasher for us

  28. Owen Morgan

    It’s always me who does it

  29. lavinia moore

    My partner 😉

  30. Zoe Hope


  31. sharonA

    My hubby (most of the time), but just because i’m the one who does all the cooking!

  32. Julie hazell

    I usually wash and hubby dries

  33. mrs susan martin

    it’s usually me!! this would spice up christmas a little. fingers crossedxx


    my wife

  35. Cheryl Lovell

    My hubby! :)

  36. Stephanie Tsang

    I mostly do the washing up, but sometimes my husband helps out!

  37. Stephanie Tsang

    I have tweeted. @pookybearcheung

  38. andrea miles

    my husband

  39. maureen findley

    I unfortunately do all the washing up

  40. foz

    me, myself and I :(

  41. Laura Harris

    Me, me, and if I’m really lucky…!

  42. dENISE

    the whole family gets involved :)

  43. Michelle Best

    the dishwasher – but yes, i do the loading and emptying!

  44. Helen

    The dishwasher did do it but a week or so it broke down so now we share it, on a rota, one washes, one dries, one puts away, unfortunately one member of the household (he who shall not be named) says its better to let the dishes dry of their own accord so on his drying days, he watches the TV!!

  45. Helen

    I’ve tweeted, not sure whether I had to post to let you know

  46. sofia ramos

    it varies, sometimes my partner, sometimes me
    tweeted @sofiara39338595

  47. Cheryl Edwards

    My lovely hubby

  48. Sylvia Witham

    As we do naot own a dishwasher my husband and I both do the washing up – It’s whoever gets to the sink first

  49. Jane Brown

    I tend to do it during the week as I am a SAHM but OH normally does it at the weekend!

  50. Sarah Morris

    Me every time, but then I can’t really expect my 5 year old to do it can I?? Hmm.

  51. Louise Smith

    Hubby does it

  52. Susan Crosswaite

    Sadly, its always me!

  53. J. Tingay

    Cooking and washing up is shared out evenly.

  54. Leia Jackson

    A small metal box located in the kitchen known as Dishwasher.

  55. Solange

    The dishwasher

  56. Rachael G

    My husband does it (to be fair I do practically everything else!). I do sometimes dry and put away to help out.

  57. Rachael G

    I have also tweeted. @rachiegr

  58. Joan Furlong

    Me & the dishwasher

  59. Julie Johnson

    we have a rota in our house as there is always squabbling over it, but when my sister & my brother and myself were growing up, one washed, one wiped and one put away, the only drawback was if you washed up you had to clean the cooker and clean the kitchen floor too moan, moan, moan

  60. Andy D

    My Wife & I dry

  61. nichola

    my best friend – the dishwasher!

  62. Amy Ripley

    My husband and I both do it!

  63. Hel Jones

    Lol – that’ll be me then! :-)

  64. Mickie Bull

    I do it, then I know it’s done well

  65. victoriab

    The dishwasher. We share loading duties.

  66. My “dishwasher”…who also goes my the name of Jamie my fiance! :)

    Only joking, we generally take it in turns, although I make sure its always his turn when I’ve cooked a messy roast and theres lots of pots and pans to be cleaned!

    Jen xx

  67. Norma McGill

    Mostly me!!


    whoever did not do the cooking, after all we need fair division of labour.

  69. Emily Fraser

    We take it in turns (& use the dishwasher!) : )

  70. Emma Jackson

    We have a chore wheel in our house that moves round each day, so whoever it points to to wash up does the dishes. Another person sets the table, dries the dishes or puts them away. it works quite well x

  71. Susan marshall

    I do it because no one can do it as well as me

  72. Joanne Nelson

    well…I stack the dishwasher, does that count? To be honest, actual washing up is probably about 50/50.

  73. Laura Bradbury

    Ususally me… once a month the other half might do it

  74. sophia kearney

    my dishwasher does the lions share!

  75. Gilla

    Definitely me.

  76. caroline

    me -or it doesn’t get done properly and I have to redo it again anyway!

  77. Jo Wakefield

    I do most of the washing up, with the occasional help

  78. Paula Phillips

    My husband does it, not very well though.

  79. Alistair

    One cooks, one washes up

  80. Adele Hill

    The dishwasher

  81. Joanne Crosby

    We all help out in our house.

  82. Julz

    Whoever didn’t cook or if it’s a party, whoever is nearest the sink!!! It’s not unusual to find our guests helping out at our annual house parties.

  83. Kelly Hooper

    Well supposedly its my husband, but I rarely see him pick up a scrubbing brush

  84. Jayne B

    Me, myself and I!

  85. Laura Sanderson

    He washes, I dry

  86. Jo Kelly

    My hubby :) Always has x


    The Dishwasher, in other words my wife :)

  88. Lucy robinson

    Normally me. If my partner does dinner then he will clear up.

  89. Lucy robinson

    I have tweeted @lucyrobinson3

  90. kate knight

    I do the washing up, unless I specifically ask the other half to help out!

  91. Jade Vine

    Me and my husband share the responsibility!


    my mom

  93. Sue Hunt

    My Husband washes and I dry up.


    always me

  95. Hazel Rush

    My fiancé mostly washes and I dry and put away !

  96. Hazel Rush

    Tweeted @Hazelrush54

  97. Clare F Wood

    The hubby I have a good one

  98. Clare F Wood

    tweeted from @clareo122

  99. Amanda Egglestone

    My husband washes and I dry

  100. Joanne

    Just me – but at least I know it’s done well

  101. Victoria N

    I end up doing the washing up unfortunetly!


    me myself and i

  103. Paul Garner

    we share the washing up

  104. Alice Hindley

    Always me!

  105. Corinne Harvey

    My husband does all the washing up-lucky me!

  106. Heather Jenkinson

    We have a dishwasher, my husband! lol! :)


    The dishwasher

  108. Sue D

    Always seems to be me unless there are others about to impress!


    Always me – sometimes others on birthday or Mothers Day! I have retweeted as @dobbie999


    Just me, no one else knows where the washing machine is.

  111. Alison Turner

    Me sadly hard as I try to persuade others :)

  112. Ali Thorpe

    Shared out, not always evenly!

  113. merryl cain-o'grady

    its me, me:(

  114. shell

    Its the dishwasher ooo get me

  115. Margaret Nokling

    Other half most of the time :)

  116. Tina Hector

    My husband mostly!!

  117. Diane Carey

    The dishwasher does most of it. The rest is done by me and the hubby dries

  118. Maria Jane Knight

    Mainly me, sometime my other half when he wants something or is in the dog house! I really wish we had a dishwasher but sadly we dont have the space :(

  119. Karl Thomas

    I always do it

  120. jayne underwood

    our teenage son! x

  121. sairz eastham

    Me! No room for a dishwasher unfortunately

  122. Alison S

    Im lucky my partner does it all


    My wonderful hubby does ours.

  124. Wendy Tolhurst

    My husband does most of it, although I often wash up after baking

  125. Nicola Dudson

    I’m the chief washer upper in my house!

  126. angela sandhu

    I do most of it

  127. katie skeoch

    Me & the dishwasher – we make quite a team!

  128. Karen Walkden

    we have a dishwasher but the bigger items we share the load !

  129. Gary Martindale

    I always do the washing up and my son helps with the drying.

  130. angela obrien

    Me – the old fashioned way :-)

  131. Sherri Fordham

    me,me,me unless the eldest is wanting money lol

  132. Rahela

    Usually I do although sometimes I have been known to just lie down after dinner’s finished. It is then understood that I wil not be doing the washing up!

  133. Amanda Rose

    I do it and I have to say… I hate it!! Casserole dishes and pans are the stuff of nightmares.

  134. Harriet Doveton

    I live with my parents but me and my boyfriend do all the washing up! Everyone else leaves it dirty!

  135. Mandy Wan

    I do the washing up in my house and on occasions my partner does them


    I’m the only one who ever does any washing up in this house.

  137. Ruth Tesdale

    mostly my husband but me sometimes

  138. Holly Boyd

    Pretty much 50/50 between me and my husband

  139. june baines

    Mostly me

  140. Lindsey Jones

    I do all the washing up and i hate it lol

  141. Lindsey Jones

    Have tweeted @linziwoopp

  142. Susan McFarlane

    Mostly my husband!

  143. Russ Allan

    I do it mainly, but get the kids to do it sometimes for their chores.



  145. Sue Robinson

    We have a dishwasher but have to wash certain items in the sink – that job ALWAYS comes to me



  147. francis lee

    its a shred job in our household

  148. David Collins

    Always me!

  149. Tom W

    Is it shared threeways between me, partner and the dishwasher!

  150. Shirley Harpley

    I wash and hubby dries.

  151. Sarah-Jane Laycock

    Ohhhhh yes, that would be me! x

  152. Sarah-Jane Laycock

    Have tweeted @Noodlenumpty

  153. Leanne Court

    Ummm, that would be ME!

  154. Caroline H

    I do it although everyone else is convinced there is a washing up fairy!

  155. ClairejB

    I do most of the washing up in our flat but my partner does it now and then. We don’t have room for a dishwasher unfortunately! Warm spice scent sounds nice, very festive!

  156. ClairejB

    I retweeted. @Madrabbitgirl


    My husband

  158. suzanna gentle

    Always me :)