Things to do with washi tape

I’ve become quite addicted to washi tape. I haven’t managed to find much around, apart from the rolls I bought in Cath Kidston ages ago, but I did find a couple of different patterned ones whilst on holiday in Devon. I’ve been slowly putting it around the house.

things to do with washi tape

There are lots of different ways to use it. Before Pinterest I used it to keep some of my favourite pictures in my trusty Moleskine for inspiration.

It’s perfect for decorating tea light candles.

How about pretty washi tape bunting.

It also looks great on display, how about this cute washi tape hanger I made from a twig and some bakers twine?

washi tape holder

I’m not the only one who’s using washi tape around the home. I love the way it’s been used on the edge of shelves and also fridge magnets. So many possibilities!


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  1. Thanks so much for the link up! Washi tape is super!

  2. Caroline Young

    Love that washi tape holder!

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