Union Jack battenburg cake

What was I thinking?! When I saw a picture of a Union Jack battenburg cake I was thinking “I can make that”. So I did.

Ok, so it doesn’t quite look like the one in the photograph but at least I tried. The sponge cake turned out rather greener than the blue I hoped for and it was quite tricky to slice the cake diagonally! It’s a time consuming project as you need to leave the cake to chill in the fridge through various stages of construction. It’s sandwiched together with layers of buttercream and strawberry jam and wrapped in a delicious layer of marzipan.Despite what it looks like it tastes yummy.

If you want to try the recipe for yourself full instructions for the Union Jack battenburg cake can be found here. I might be tempted to make this again for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee next year or I might have something better to do with my time!

What about you? Any baking disasters you would like to share to make me feel better?


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8 Responses to Union Jack battenburg cake

  1. Fantastic and so brave to even attempt it!
    QWERTY Mum recently posted..Bumpeez – the next playground craze?

  2. I wouldn’t even begin to try that, so kudos to you for trying! Thanks for linking up to Tasty Thursdays.
    The How To Mommy recently posted..How To Hop: Tasty Thursdays Week 14

  3. Omg that is amazing! Even though it didn’t turn out ‘quite’ right, it still looks fab!

    Thanks for linking up!
    mummiafelice recently posted..Games for kids: Mindshapes ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ iOS App for kids

  4. Maya Russell

    Oh, well done! Looks only a bit like the Union Jack :) but looks really tasty!

  5. This is such a fantastic cake! I want to have a go myself. If I do I’ll let you know how I get on. I’m having trouble getting blue food dye so I think mine is going to turn green too.
    SammyDee recently posted..Celebrate Manchester, Again!

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  8. John

    I might try making it

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