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An essential product as a new parent is a changing bag that fits everything you need to make life out and about that bit easier. I’ve gone through a few changing bags since Edward came along and they’ve all offered something a bit different. However, a new changing bag has been introduced which carries all your essentials and your baby too!

I’ve been using the bag and it has plenty of room and pockets for nappies, wipes, a bottle, snacks and all the little things you need. The bag can also be used as a carrier and worn in three different positions. It’s suitable for infants from 6-30 month (7 to 15kg) or once they can support their heads.

I tried it with Edward who at 15 months and 12 kg is heavy to carry. Once you’ve read the instructions the bag is quite easy to use. The bag has extra flaps and rings built into the bag which can be used when needed to support the weight of your child. Edward was happiest in the handsfree hip carrier position.

As a changing bag it is great. I like a bag with separate compartments and the shoulder strap is lovely and wide. I also like the idea that it can double as a carrier for short periods. The Baby and All Bag is perfect for short trips without a buggy or if you’re going somewhere busy.

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