A moan about nappies

I found this post as a draft that has been hanging around since November 2010! Time unfortunately hasn’t helped so I thought I would post it in case anyone can help.

I have to rant about disposable nappies.

Ages ago we were asked to test Huggies natural fit nappies. During the day the nappies were fine but at night they consistently leaked meaning I had to change all of Eward’s clothes, sleeping bag and bed sheets. It’s not only Huggies that have let us down. We’ve also tried Pampers Active Fit and Pampers Baby Dry without success. Last week three mornings in a row his nappy had leaked.

At 14 months Edward has two bottles during the day of 260ml, one after breakfast and one before bedtime. I think he drinks an average amount during the day, and I buy the correct range of nappies according to his weight. I check him constantly during the day and the problem is only at night. Although Edward is seemingly not bothered by his leaking nappy, I am. Fortunately he doesn’t seem to get nappy rash but I feel as though I’m constantly changing bedding and clothes.

So I would love to hear from anyone with a similar problem. Can you recommend a nappy brand? Do you change your child when they’re half asleep? Are nappies meant to last for 12 hours? Help please, before I look for sponsorship from a detergent company!


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  1. Not Yet a Yummy Mummy

    Just did a similar blog post but found Huggies the best for my son. All other nappies leaked at the top/front so his tummy and chest were continuously soaked. What I do find is that I have to pull the front up as high as possible and of course tuck his little bits downwards. I don’t know why they don’t make separate nappies for boys and girls x

  2. Hey hun, this is something we discussed when we visited the Pampers plant a few weeks ago – presumably he is in a size 3/4 now? Have you tried going up to the + size. It was mentioned that a leaky nappy does suggest going up a size. Evn if weight ratio is ok it may just be worth a try. Maybe contact Pampers and see if they have a sample of the size about?

  3. To be honest I’m not sure they can cope with 12 hours if your boy is a champion wee-er like mine were. I used to quite often change my eldest before I went to bed – it didn’t disturb him much – and my younger one who would have woken properly if I changed him we would just put in a larger size for night times.

  4. Hi Jenny!
    We had this problem with Hattie, she’s a champion wee-er at night so we just moved her night time nappies up a size and that seemed to cure the leaky problems. She’s been in size 5 for a while now and only just reached the lower weight band for the size 😉

  5. I’ve found the pampers active fit last all night for me. Are there special night time nappies you can get?

  6. Hi Jenny,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I hope you liked it.
    In response to your nappy issues, I cant really help, my experience has been to use pampers (or dodot here in portugal), anything else either leaks or causes irritation. Hope you found a solution.

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