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The topic of poo must surely rank at the top of new parents conversations. Childless, poo was taboo. As a new mum I could talk about poo with friends, family and strangers on the bus, in a shop or at the park. A year on I still have poo stories to tell my husband when he comes home from the office. Occasionally I even shout for help if two hands just aren’t enough to change Edward and I’m always happy to let my mum or sister change Edward when we’re visiting them.

My first thoughts on poo were formed when I attended an NCT antenatal course. One of the sessions covered the contents of newborns’ nappies. Our group looked on in horror as the course leader put A4 laminated photographs of nappies filled with poo (practically all the colours of the rainbow) on the floor for us all to crowd around and universally shudder.

The only upside of my c-section was that it incapacitated me enough to give me a few days respite from changing Edward’s nappies so I was spared those first few nappies where the contents went through the complete colour spectrum. I have faint memories of my husband exclaiming loudly over those first nappies and it’s almost like a badge of honour (to him) that he coped, not just as a new dad, but also as chief nappy changer.

The best advice I remember from those NCT classes was the leader saying by the end of the first day we’d all be experts at nappy changing. And she was right. Nappies have come and gone, we’ve tried all brands, reuseable and disposable, as well as nappy creams, changing mats, changing bags. The poo has been pretty constant, barring the odd occurence of constipation. We’ve survived the poo and my message to new parents is that you will too :)


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  1. But those first few nappies are by far the easiest, and least offensive?! Emma :)
    Emma recently posted..An Unconventional Mother

  2. Fishfingers for tea

    We had much the same situation here with DH having to do most of the first few nappies. He also feels very proud of his ‘Chief nappy changer’ role but does tend to think this gives him a free pass on nappies now 😉

  3. I have a 14 week old and am constantly dealing with these horrors. I also got shown the laminates of poo at my NCT classes- why why why?!! I found you through the blog hop- I am a new follower :) x
    Katie recently posted..Lets have a peek in your fridge!

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  5. Hah, indeed – I am definitely a poo expert, and poo-survivalist at this point.
    Mañana Mama recently posted..Tomorrow- and tomorrow- and tomorrow

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  7. A great poo survival guide :) I too ended up having a c-section so I just merely observed the meconium stage!

    Visiting from ‘Carnival of Poo’ – only just getting through all the posts tonight, sorry.
    SAHMlovingit recently posted..Guardian Questions &amp Answers

  8. Haha, I remember having the exact same thoughts after I had a C-section!
    Notes from Home recently posted..The Royal Wedding

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