Recycled sweet wrapper decorations

If you are looking for a fun craft for toddlers, look no further. We’ve been busy making festive baubles from sweetie wrappers! I’m sad to say I’ve been saving colourful sweetie wrappers for a rainy day and then I thought of a great activity for the toddler.

Equipment you will need to make recycled sweet wrapper decorations:
double sided sticky tape

sweet wrapper papers for decorations

I cut 6 circles from black card and then cut smaller circles out of them (using baby food jars as a template).

The toddler adores sticky tape so I gave him small pieces of tape and he had fun sticking the sweetie wrappers on to the card bauble. I trimmed away any excess.

I cut 6 short lengths of ribbon and we folded them in half to create a hanging loop before the toddler stuck them on with sticky tape. We hung our baubles along some bakers twine in the window and think they look really pretty when the sun shines. Hope you agree!

sweet wrapper baubles hanging in a window

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