Cross stitch iPhone case

In between my Christmas crafting I’ve been making the odd thing for myself. I’m terrible at buying fabric and all kinds of items which I just never get round to using. This is one of those projects. I bought all the equipment but took ages to actually get a needle out and start. I bought the cross stitch iPhone case so long ago I actually imported it as I couldn’t find any for sale in the UK!

I love the idea of customising an iPhone case. It’s the one item I have near me all day (besides the children) so I want it to look good and individual. Anyway, I cross stitched a stem print design on the back of the case as it’s my favourite Orla Kiely design. I really love it. Shame my 10 month old dropped it soon after as the screen cracked and I’ve ordered an iPhone 5 which won’t fit in this case.

cross stitch iphone case


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  1. Oh that’s a shame – it’s such a lovely case. I’m in the middle of making an iPhone 5 case for Craftseller magazine, but it’s not cross stitch. If you sew, you could use the pattern to make a very individual case though!
    Wendy recently posted..Handmade Monday 89

  2. I love cross stitch and I love Orla Kiely, it’s beautiful I hope you find another use for it

  3. That’s beautiful – I love the colours. I love cross stitch and have a half-finished blue and white sampler somewhere that I really should finish!
    Tickled Pink recently posted..Handmade Monday

  4. Oh no that is really a shame. I really like the fact that you made it and so it exactly what you like and unique. Now to find the next cover :)

  5. It’s a shame you can’t use this one any more as this design is very appealing. Think of it this way though … a great opportunity to create another cover!!
    Fiddly fingers recently posted..I’m back!

  6. I hope you make yourself another case when you get your new phone this one is so pretty.
    Ali x
    Alison recently posted..REVAMPED FILING CABINET

  7. HandbagsbÅ·helen

    Nice case…shame about the phone

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