Review: HiPP Organic savoury pouches

Little Sis was sent some of the new savoury pouches* from HiPP Organic to try. At 7 months she has a very healthy appetite and seems to be enjoying everything she tastes. This brand new range of savoury pouches includes varieties specifically developed for babies from both four months and seven months. HiPP Organic has cleverly incorporated organic rapeseed oil, rich in Omega 3, into the new pouches, along with their finest organic vegetables and meats providing an easy and convenient source of nutrients essential for growth and development.

We were sent four of the new pouches to try: ‘Carrots, Cauliflower & Peas’ and ‘Potatoes, Carrots and Beef’ from 4 months and ‘Creamy Tomato and Leek Pasta’ and ‘Scrummy Spaghetti Bolognese’ from 7 months. All pouches provide a guaranteed 25% of babies ALA/Omega 3 in a day.

Although Little Sis is just shy of 7 months she seems to like a variety of textures. Some days she’s happy with smooth yoghurts and fruit purees and other days she really wants to get stuck into something with a bit more substance. We tried the Creamy Tomato and Leek Pasta which went down really well, even the little lumps. HiPP are the first baby food company to create Stage 2 food with lumps. This is perfect timing for Little Sis as we can see her turning the lumps round in her mouth as she gets used to the texture. Encouraging chewing is really important at this stage of weaning and I’m so pleased to see it’s the right thing for her. Happy baby means happy mum!

The recipes contain no added salt, no artificial additives or preservatives and are made with all organic ingredients. Thank you Hipp for making these products so I don’t have to!

*free review samples


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  1. Caroline Young

    Love the look of these!

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