Cybher meet and greet

With only a couple of tickets left for Cybher 2012, the first all inclusive female blogger event of its kind in the UK, I decided I had to go so here I am:

Name: Jenny

Blogs: I love blogging and have been blogging at the gingerbread house since 2005, I also have my daily parenting blog and my family history blog

Twitter: @gingerbread_mum

Height: 5’7

Hair: brown and short


5 things you should know:

I have two lovely kids which I can talk about til the cows come home and am a stay at home mum (for now!)

We live in London which I love although hubby is threatening that we should move to the ‘burbs <urgh>

I adore baking cakes, biscuits and anything gingerbread related

I also love sewing for myself, the children and our home

I have an Orla Kiely addiction


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