A (miosolo) nappy challenge – day 2

Challenge 2 – the out & about challenge

Yesterday’s challenge was to test the ease of the miosolo when out and about. We had a couple of chores to do so bundled into the pram and off we went. We were only out for about 2 hours, but as Little Sis had a bottle before we left, we thought this was a good test of the miosolo. We went out in the Phil & Ted’s so she was lying down whilst we were out with plenty of room to move around.

I checked the nappy whilst we were out, just in case it had leaked or she had poo-ed but it was fine. She tends to wee a lot but I’m finding this brand of nappy is really absorbent due to its specially designed super absorbent core. The nappy lasted really well and I changed her when we got home, the nappy had contained everything and Little Sis was very happy.

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