The novelty of pregnancy

I was tweeting one night last week about how difficult it is to find decent maternity wear. It’s only been 12 months since I packed away my maternity clothes and already they seem so out of date.

When I was pregnant with Edward I bought lovely Autumn/Winter maternity clothes. I lived in maternity jeans from New Look, a basic maternity vest from Dorothy Perkins and lots of tops and jumpers from Mamas and Papas.

This time round I lack money to buy new maternity clothes but I can’t face wearing my old clothes. Not that money has stopped me having a good look at maternity clothes currently available :) I just haven’t found anything I want to buy so am wearing baggy tops which make me feel really frumpy. Has the novelty of being pregnant worn off already?


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  1. I feel the same – I tried on my old maternity clothes for this second pregnancy and they just seam so old – and I was pregnant over the winter last time – my baggy jumpers are a bit hot for a heatwave!!

  2. Hi,
    Just found you on mummy’s little monkey website and have to urge you to make the most of looking gorgeous pregnant. I was the same as you for my second pregnancy, but now realising we won’t have any more children (3 being the limit!) I really want to be as glam as all my pregnant friends look. So I guess, regardless of whether you feel it or not (and I never did!) wear your bump proud!
    PS ASOS usually have reasonably priced maternity clothes.

  3. `i hope a brand reads this and sends you something nice xxx

  4. I lived in dungarees with mine – not trendy but v comfortable 😉

  5. I had a 3 year gap between pregnancies so it was pure novelty for me both times. I found ASOS to have an amazing selection of clothes in their clearance section though – I wrote many posts on maternity wear during my last pregnancy and if you’re looking for a stunning piece try Isabelle Oliver – A-MAZING and sooooooooo comfortable – the fabrics are amazing x

  6. Taylor

    I do keep maternal clothes after my pregnancy. And I’m hoping It would be fit for the second time around.


  7. Victoria

    Hi , mamalicious do great maternity wear and if you sign up you can get a discount off your first order . The cuts are really flattering and the sizing good I’ve bought their stuff for all 3 of my pregnancies !! I should get discount!

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