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Mindful Christmas crafting and Crafternoons

Mindful Christmas crafting and Crafternoons

{This is a guest post I am happily hosting to promote awareness of the mental health charity Mind and their Crafternoons, written by Jayanthi Ezekiel. The official ‘day’ for Crafternoon was 1st December, however, Mind are encouraging people to host their Crafternoon on a day that suits you and feel there are still opportunities for Christmas crafternoons to take place this month! I’m a huge advocate of the benefits of crafting so please read on.}

Mindful Christmas crafting and Crafternoons

For most of us, Christmas is hectic. Presents to wrap, cards to write, social events to shine at – phew!

However, if you can combine your Christmas to-do list with some calming crafting you’ll soon be feeling a bit more relaxed.

Personally, I find crafting ultra-relaxing. The delight and mental health benefits come from using another part of my brain to achieve something that is very different to my day job. I find it so energising to let go of my perfectionist standards in order to scribble, scrunch, rip, daub and embrace mistakes as part of the creative process.

I also love the sense of connection we can get through sharing the experience with others. And let’s face it, finding another reason to get together, giggle and gossip is always welcome.

When Mind recently carried out some research on crafting, they discovered that 40% of respondents find arts and crafts a useful way to relax. But that makes me wonder whether the other 60% have tried it recently? Of course, I would say that, being a crafting convert!

Crafternoons with Mind

As children, we are always encouraged to take part in creative activities at school (who can forget pasta pictures?), but this sometimes becomes lost in our adult lives. I think that might be down to a combination of not knowing where to start, finding the time and wanting to create something beautiful but not having the confidence.

Five sources of inspiration for the Christmas crafting novice

I’m keen that as many people as possible give crafting a try to experience the joy that it brings. So, here are my five sources of inspiration to get your creative juices flowing!

Start with what you like

Rather than starting with the most accessible crafting template that tops the Google search list, think about what you would like, and what would make a really nice gift for friends and family. This way, you’ll end up creating something that is truly cherished on Christmas Day.

What might be useful or personal? And how can you make that unique? For example, has your best friend had their first baby? What about a personalised nursery garland or a make-up bag with baby’s handprint on it?

If your siblings are keen gardeners, perhaps a personalised gardening notebook? Footie fans? No problem, use the club colours for inspiration. The opportunities are endless.

Go shopping!

All the nicest shops are crammed with inspiration, and not just in the products they sell, but also in the way some of the most unique shops display their wares.

Remind yourself what’s on trend. Personally, as a big fan of Anthropologie, I try to make sure that my makes pass the ‘Anthropologie test’ – i.e. would I buy it if I saw it in Anthro?

Super chunky wool scarves or a geometric plant holder made using thin brass tubes are the kinds of things I look for. Browse the various sections and you’ll be desperate to create your own unique versions of today’s must-haves.

Other inspiring shopping destinations for me include Olive Bonas, Habitat, florists and gardening centres. Think about bouquets made from garden flowers and handmade gifts such as macramé plant holders and crochet baskets.

And for good value crafting materials? Check out Wilko basics, Hobbycraft online and any local art and craft shops.

Mine Pinterest

This is an absolute must for creative inspiration. It is the place to go to for ideas and images to inspire you, and if you use it as a search engine you’ll find it is so much more fruitful and visual for crafting inspiration.

You can even find links to free tutorials that have been tried and tested by others, and ideas that you might never have dreamed of yourself, such as graffiti embroidery by Richard Saja. If you’ve not registered for a Pinterest account, I’d get on there right away!


Crafternoon is a mass fundraising event from mental health charity, Mind, that provides tonnes of encouragement and support for first time and novice crafters – and master crafters can use the opportunity to share their skills with others. I love it so much I’ve been hosting Crafternoon parties on behalf of Mind for years now!

Crafternoons with Mind

Basically, you get all your friends or colleagues together for a crafting afternoon, lay on the materials and all guests make a donation for whatever makes they take away. So, you also get the lovely warm feeling of giving at Christmas too!

This year, the big Crafternoon event took place on 1st December, but you can host a Crafternoon any time to suit. There’re loads of great templates online too, including the Bear in Mind template and Beverley Callard’s Origami stars. My personal favourite is the Geometric Journal. These are all great for beginners but they can be upgraded for more experienced crafters too.

To find out more and register visit


I’m on Instagram daily seeing what other crafty souls are up to and posting my own makes.  There is a really great community out there offering words of wisdom, experience and positivity.

My favourite Insta accounts for crafting ideas are @steelandstitch, @collageclubldn, @glue_club, @mike_schultz_studio, @popcornandcrocodiles, @makeitbetter_sc and @thejungalow.

So what are you waiting for? Let go and scribble, scrunch, rip, daub and embrace the mistakes – they’re all part of the fun after all!

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