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Yarn wrapped flower craft

Yarn wrapped flower craft

After a pretty cold week I’m pretty sure the weather is supposed to be getting warmer and drier. Such a late Spring has really affected our garden and it is pretty devoid of colour. Thankfully our roses have sprung into life, they are one of my favourite plants, and I love watching them cover our back wall. They’ve inspired our latest craft activity – using colourful wool and lots of glue to make pretty yarn wrapped flowers.

We didn’t do much crafting whilst we were away. We had fun with sticker books and decorated some painted rocks but nothing like our normal crafty output. As much as I love to be away, I’m a bit of a home person and am so happy to be home. I spent the afternoon making some pretty yarn wrapped flowers with my daughter.

We used:
Bostik White Glu
A4 card
Coloured yarn
Green pipe cleaners

craft equipment

How to make yarn wrapped flowers

We decided to make three roses and we cut the pipe cleaner into short lengths to make the stems of the flowers. She drew a pencil line where she wanted them to go. Then my daughter used the Bostik White Glu and covered the area where she wanted to make her flower heads.

We cut a piece of the wool, about 30cm long, and she carefully laid it onto the centre of the glue.

flower craft for kids

She wrapped it in bigger circles until it was all used up. She pressed it lightly into the glue to make sure it stuck down.

wool wrapped roses

She did this three times with the different coloured pieces of yarn.

messy flower craft for kids

When she had finished putting down the wool she added the pipe cleaner stems. We made leaves with the excess pipe cleaners.

wool rose craft for kids

The glue dried clear and we were left with a really pretty flower craft. My daughter lover getting her fingers messy with the glue!


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    April 15, 2018 at 10:09 pm

    It sure is getting warmer which I am looking forward too. This is a great arts and crafts project idea for little ones. It looks like something my son would enjoy doing.

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    April 15, 2018 at 11:46 pm

    So simple, but so pretty! Perfect for things like birthday cards, and using up leftover wool from discarded knitting projects!

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