How to make a wind chime with keys {A-Z Play at Home}

As you know we’ve been taking part in the A-Z Play at Home blog hop over the last few weeks. The idea is to be inspired by everyday objects in the home with our crafting and learning activities. This weeks letter is the letter K. I recently saw a lovely wind chime made with painted keys on Pinterest. We always have spare keys in the bottom of our kitchen drawers, no-one knows what they’re for and they are so easy to upcycle. Today I’m going to show you our take on how to make a wind chime with keys.

Equipment to make a keys wind chime:
Collection of keys
Washi tape
Stick with holes drilled at each end
Invisible thread

How to make a wind chime with keys:

Gather your supplies. We used a bunch of hex or allen keys, but you could make this wind chime using a random assortment of keys.

DIY keys wind chime

I removed the keys from the loop and started covering each one with a different washi tape. This is something that children can easily help with. If there are any bumps simply smooth them out with your fingers.

An optional step would be to cover them with Mod Podge to seal the washi tape.

Then I threaded each key with invisible thread and hung it along the stick. Invisible thread is pretty tricky to work with as it’s so slippy and you can’t see what you’re doing – it’s worth it though!

The final step is to thread twine through each end of the stick to hang it up. We hung ours from a branch in the garden, the keys are close enough that the wind makes them knock into each other. We’re hoping this is enough to discourage the pigeons from our garden!

How to make a wind chime with keys

How about a game of King & Queens Memory Game  from Teach Me Mommy – also inspired by the letter K.

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    Rhian Westbury
    July 14, 2017 at 12:39 pm

    Such a good craft idea, and lovely colours you picked for the keys x

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