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FIMO winners’ medal craft for kids

FIMO winners' medal craft

A few weeks ago we got our FIMO collection out for some after school crafting. We wanted to have a go at making our own FIMO winners’ medals – fun for both Sports Day and Olympic crafting.

The kids love FIMO Kids as you can use it straight out of the packet, there’s no need to knead it in your hands before you use it. My children are both impatient but also lack those fine motor skills so this is a great product for them.

How to make a FIMO winners’ medal

We picked our colours and rolled out the FIMO as thin as we could.

playing with FIMO Kids

We made a couple of different shapes and sizes, aiming for a cut out star on a circle.

playing with FIMO Kids

I pierced a hole in the top of each medal and baked them in the oven according to the instructions.

FIMO winners' medal craft


When they were cool we were able to thread the medals with ribbon and wear them. We love our little FIMO winners’ medals, perfect for celebrating Sports Day, great end of year reports and getting in the mood for the start of the Olympics next month.

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