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Feeling house proud with Plenty

Our half term started with a visit from my lovely Father in Law. It was great to see him and the children loved having him around but to me visitors = cleaning. I’m no domestic goddess at the best of times but visits from family require a deeper clean than I usually do.
His arrival coincided with the children finishing school. Whilst they were there I started changing sheets, cleaning bathrooms and dealing with our every day clutter, which mainly consisted of me hiding it under our bed 🙂 I can’t be the only one who does that, right?
Anyway, I was just sitting down for a well earned sandwich and a quick check of the Find my Friends app to see if my husband had picked him up yet. I was pretty horrified to discover they were 5 minutes away as my FIL had caught an earlier train! Cue me running around with my Easy Clean Wipes hurriedly cleaning the kitchen and sticky surfaces!
 Plenty Easy Clean Wipes
You would think that men don’t notice these kind of things but my FIL does. Last time he came he helpfully suggested cleaning products I could use on the bathroom so I was wondering what he would comment on this time. Luckily for me everything met his exacting standards.
I always keep a pack of wipes to hand, the pretty packaging hides their true purpose as mummy’s little helpers in disguise. When they are close to hand I can easily clean up spills and mess. I find myself actually wiping up spilt milk instead of leaving it until I get the mop out, which let’s face it, doesn’t happen as often as I think it does. The wipes are really versatile and are also great for wiping down the table after messy meals with the children and even the odd paint and glue spill after a creative craft session. I find they don’t disintegrate, like some other wipes, and are really tough and strong.

Easy Clean Wipes

The new Plenty Easy Clean Wipes have a unique dispensing system and PerfectSeal lid to keep wipes moist for longer. They’re effective right to the last wipe, and available in three varieties – Multi-Purpose, Anti-Bacterial and Bathroom – to keep your home spotless with minimum effort.

Plenty Easy Clean Wipes are available from Morrison’s, Asda and Waitrose. A starter kit with dispenser and 30 wipes are £2.99 rsp. and refill packs are also available (rsp. £1.99).

Disclosure – I have been compensated for this post

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    October 27, 2015 at 10:20 am

    Oh i just love the pretty container! I need some of these in my life

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