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Feeding an army

Now the toddler is at school during the afternoons I find feeding him a little tricky. Although we live near school he starts at 12.25 so I need to fit in lunch, clean him up and get him changed into his uniform before leaving the house, it can be a rush!  Sometimes a lie-in or just playing before breakfast means there are only a couple of hours between breakfast and lunch and he’s not very hungry. Fortunately he’s always really hungry after school so I ensure he has a really healthy meal for his evening meal.

school boymy dirty school boy!

We’ve all started trying to eat together on the days my husband works from home and I’ve been busy cooking meals where the children can serve themselves. I can’t tell you how lovely it is to be cooking only one meal, it only seems like yesterday that I was cooking a different meal for everyone. Yesterday was chicken curry and the children seem to be pretty happy to eat anything which I am so grateful for.

I’m definitely spending more time looking through my cookery books. (Anyone else find cooking a little routine and dull?) I’m trying to spice up meal times by being more adventurous and trying new recipes. I do love cooking from scratch though and finding new recipes to try out.

I am quite enjoying being the mother of a school boy. Living 2 minutes from school definitely helps, but I’ve also been meeting lots of other mums and been to my first fundraising meeting. It’s great to feel part of the school community.

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