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{Review} Morrisons M Kitchen range

In 2011 Morrisons launched its M Kitchen range, a range of convenience meals that is named after the real life kitchen that sits at the heart of Morrisons HQ in Bradford. Here, a team of expert chefs, under the guidance of Morrisons executive chef of product development, Neil Nugent, work hard to bring you those tasty meals and sauces that are popped into the trolley.

The M Kitchen team is continuously coming up with new ideas for tasty, quality dishes to satisfy all those customers which come through Morrisons’ doors each week. Now, almost exactly two years on, there are over 450 lines in the M Kitchen range, with a number of new and improved products being unveiled this month. Including four new cuisines:

Tex Mex
Tastes of Home – British classics
Takeaway – Chinese and Indian

m kitchen range

Today we came back from a lovely weekend away. I took the toddler to his nursery session (Day 3!) and then came home to start on the washing and unpacking, with my little helper in tow. As the saying goes the cupboards were pretty bare apart from a selection of British classics from the Tastes of Home range which we were sent to try.

After such a busy day I was happy to heat something up for dinner rather than spend too much time in the kitchen.  I enjoyed a yummy Fisherman’s Pie whilst my husband had Minced beef and potatoes. It was so lovely not to have to cook and these were great meals. They smelled as good as they looked, the portions were generous and best of all, there was no washing up!

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    October 5, 2013 at 11:24 am

    The Morrisons M Kitchen premium Indian range used to be a fantastic takeaway option. Each dish was tasty and included fresh spices. They’ve clearly changed their suppliers recently as the quality of the premium dishes has dropped significantly now matching the same level as their brown bag packaged takeaway meals which is a real shame.

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