The Charcoal Challenge

I do love the weekend and a quiet couple of days at home. We didn’t have much to do apart from take bags of goodies to our local charity shop and take my new car for a drive. I can’t tell you how strange I’m finding being able to drive legally.

The weather has finally been a little cooler so we thought it would be perfect for a barbecue. It was actually a relief to cover up and wear a cardigan which shows how old I am 🙂  Anyway, we fired up the barbecue and got cooking as nothing says summer more than getting the barbecue out!


This was only our second barbecue in our new house, and you know what a wash-out we had last summer, so the toddler really loved helping his daddy cook the food! We opted for typical barbecue food – hot dogs (or ‘bridges with sausages’ as the toddler called them), home-made sticky spare ribs, lots of fresh salad, hummus and some bottles of beer for the grown ups. We managed to get loads of food so we may have another barbecue tomorrow night.

BBQ (3)

We all love having a barbecue and tonight was no different. There was lots of delicious food to be eaten before the children went and played in the garden, whilst we put our feet up and drank some beer. A perfect summer evening.

BBQ spare ribs

Little Sis enjoyed it too, hope you can see the grubby food stain down her onesie!

Disclosure – we were provided with money to purchase food and drink to take part in The Charcoal Challenge with


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