Perfect weather for … tights

I think I talk a lot about the weather but it’s a national obsession, isn’t it? Today the weather is very cold after a lovely warm and sunny weekend. Little Sis has been snug and warm though, thanks to the tights she has been trying out from DaisychainBaby.

DaisychainBaby is an online eco-friendly boutique selling clothing, accessories and gifts for children aged 0-5. We were sent a pair of Slugs & Snails tights, from the Original Boys Tights Company. Whilst I’m sure Big Brother wouldn’t have a problem wearing tights as he has permanently cold feet, unfortunately he’s too big for them, so Little Sis has been enjoying them!

The tights feature a fun mushroom pattern and go really well with her City shorts look. They are lovely quality and the design completely covers the tights which means they can be worn on their own or with shorts or a skirt. They suit her very long legs but still have oodles of room for growth.


I think she looks great and they are a really fun product for boys and girls. DaisychainBaby have kindly offered readers of the gingerbread house a discount on any purchases from their online shop. Visit and simply type in the code REVIEW to receive a 20% discount.




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    Liska (@NewMumOnline)
    May 29, 2013 at 8:36 pm

    Isn’t it just ridiculous. We went food shopping today. Not for a week just for tonight’s dinner and Aaron was in the buggy all the way there and back UNDER the rain cover. We BOTH had winter jackets on.
    I forgave the weather for a bad March. I even forgave Mother Nature for SNOW IN APRIL (4th April) BUT May as well…………
    I cannot be that forgiving.
    We have given up our Spring but Summer too??? 🙁
    Liska x

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      May 30, 2013 at 1:54 pm

      It looks like the weather will be decent this weekend. I’m so glad we’ll be sitting indoors all day!

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