iCandy Strawberry Phil & Ted's pushchairs

Pram envy no more?

iCandy StrawberryI’ve always thought of myself as a bit of a pram junkie. I was lucky enough to have been chosen to test the new iCandy Strawberry over the last few months. It’s a nice pram but it didn’t blow me away so I decided to give it back early. I found it a bit big for using on public transport so it’s gone. We’re not missing it so I know I made the right decision.

This means that Little Sis is getting to use the front seat of the Phil & Ted’s a lot more as the toddler just loves walking. Last week he walked from the supermarket to our house which was a mile in length, I was so very proud of him.

I’m not particularly keen on our Phil & Ted’s Explorer. It’s fine with one child in and it’s really adaptable, I just find it heavy with two children in. It’s also a bit shoddy. One morning I found a nut in the bassinet where the 8 month had been sleeping and couldn’t think where it came from. A couple of days later a screw fell out of the handlebar of the Phil & Ted’s. I was glad we were near home as I often take it on the tube and can’t imagine what would have happened it the handlebar had come off as I was balancing precariously on the escalator!

A couple of thoughts on the iCandy Strawberry –

The things I like:

  • it’s very light
  • handlebar extends easily
  • easy to use brake
  • folds without having to take the seat unit off – loved this feature!
  • compatible with Maxi-Cosi car seat
  • can be used from birth with the bassinet but Little Sis had outgrown it at 5 months
  • seat can be forward or backward facing
  • seat has multiple positions and a handy pocket beneath the seat for keys, phone and purse

Things I didn’t like

  • shopping basket felt quite small with little support around the sides
  • wheels are plastic and so hit kerbs with a bump
  • have to buy accessories – colour set, drinks holder, etc
  • can’t use a buggy board with it

icandy in car boot

Overall the iCandy Strawberry is a lovely pram but not great if you carry a lot of bags. The biggest advantage is that it folds really easily which you can do with one hand if necessary! It also fitted well into our car boot, and left plenty of room for the important stuff, like the scooter for the toddler, the changing bag, etc.

Pram envy over? Watch this space!



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