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Weaning woes and potential help

I would like to think that having one child makes me an expert but in the couple of months between the toddler and baby I seem to have forgotten all the important stuff! Little Sis is now 6 months old and she’s hungry for more than milk. The only problem is I seem to have lost my confidence with weaning.

At 18 weeks I started her on a spoonful of baby rice which she clearly hated. We quickly moved on to ready made purees in pouches which she demolishes. I have to admit that the toddler takes a lot of my attention and sometimes it’s mid afternoon before I realise she’s only had milk that day! She clearly loves her food so I feel doubly guilty as I want to encourage her love of food.

my first biscuit

my first biscuit

Over the last week she has started trying to grab food out of my hand so I tried her with baby biscuits and was surprised just how much she got in her mouth. She’s clearly ready for food so I need to sort myself out – making sure she gets 3 meals a day, a range of foods and the right quantities – I’m so worried about over or under feeding! Aargh, I never thought I would worry about weaning but there is such a lot to think about.

Last time round I had more time on my hands so I prepared myself:

  • read a couple of books and researched online
  • bought some recipe books
  • purchased equipment – special bowls and spoons, lots of bibs and a wipe-clean tablecloth
  • stocked up on ready made food
  • learned how to make my own purees
  • downloaded a chart showing how much food and milk was needed according to age
  • experimented with flavours and textures
  • followed my instincts with my son to what he liked or didn’t

I found I actually enjoyed making food for the toddler so I think I’m a good candidate for the new Plum Cookery School which will soon be launching. They are running a competition with the Tots100 to find some parents who would love to get involved, developing new recipes alongside Beverley Glock, the baby food expert and sharing this information with the parent blogging community.

I think a Cookery School is a great idea so mums’ like me can learn tips about weaning, try recipes with the right nutritional content and not be embarrassed to ask questions. Every child is different and will develop at their own rate. I could definitely do with some help and would love to share what I would learn with others.

Here’s what Plum say about the new cooking school:

To take the worry out of weaning, Plum is launching the first ever Plum Cookery School. The new cookery school opens its doors in June to offer mums exciting recipe development classes and informal chats with child food experts. Meanwhile, their babies will get to taste-test a range of new recipes designed especially to give little ones the best possible introduction to the wonderful world of food. The selected cookery school attendees will also be the stars of Plum’s all new weaning videos, a guide to help parents across the country with their weaning worries.

Celebrity chef, Rachel Allen is working with Plum as part of the Cookery School. She’ll be on hand to give her recipe suggestions, answer any cooking-related questions and tell her own anecdotes about weaning her little ones. Together with Rachel, parents will even get the chance to work together to help to create the next range of Plum recipes. Hosting the Plum Cookery School will be child food expert, Beverley Glock, the author of successful book 500 Baby and Toddler Foods. Beverley has 11 years’ experience of cooking with mums and babies.


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    Carolina J.
    June 5, 2012 at 5:02 pm

    I’d put all your worries and preparations aside and start your baby on the Baby- Led weaning! What a wonderful method! No other preparations or extra equipment needed and the complete enjoyment at the table for the whole family is guaranteed! You won’t have to worry about under-feeding or over-feeding either!

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      June 5, 2012 at 8:51 pm

      Thank you so much for the suggestion. I’m sure I have a BLW book somewhere, I must dig it out. I LOVE the idea of no hassle meal times 🙂

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    Carolina J.
    June 8, 2012 at 9:41 pm

    Yes, the BLW book is an absolutely priceless guide to it. It has answers to any question you might have or any worries of yours. All the very best to you both! x

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    August 3, 2012 at 12:03 pm

    […] the important stages of weaning. I was lucky enough to win a place at the Plum Cookery School with this post on weaning and absolutely gutted I couldn’t take it up as I had no-one to look after the children. […]

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