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A pink explosion

I’m the first to admit I have no fashion sense at all and dress for comfort rather than anything else. I like to look nice but dread having to go shopping for a special outfit for a wedding or party. Having a boy has been great as he is so easy to buy clothes for. He looks lovely in anything and all colours and will even wear the odd item of clothing I’ve customised for him.

When Little Sis came along pink exploded into our lives. I’ve never opened so many parcels of pink in the weeks since she was born. She goes through a good few outfits a day and at first I dressed her in babygros but I quickly became bored and looked around for more interesting clothes. Her wardrobe is already greater than mine and she has some lovely dresses, tops and leggings.

I’ve challenged myself to make her some clothes as well and have founds loads of patterns in my craft books and Pinterest. My next challenge will be to find material that isn’t pink! Not that I have anything against the colour, it would just be nice to have some choice. Fortunately  I have lots of lovely vintage fabrics in my stash, old floral pillowcases and some great Cath Kidston dress fabric to get me started.

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    Tracey Mc
    January 26, 2012 at 9:54 pm

    My daughter had a gorgeous batik patchwork dress when she was 1, there also seemed to be a fair amount of lilac and yellow (mind you she was a spring baby).
    Pink does seem to be the colour to buy for baby girls though 🙁

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