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I couldn’t resist finding out how some people come across my blog and thought I’d join up with Kate’s latest Listography challenge – top 5 keyword searches on your blog. It’s not surprising given my interests that a lot of people find my blog by searching for variations of gingerbread house so after ignoring those my top 5 keyword searches are:

1. mint chocolate cupcakes – well I did make some rather delicious ones here

2. Cath Kidston cross stitch – despite owning all the Cath Kidston craft books I’ve made very little from them. This was my first, and so far last, attempt at one of the patterns from Stitch

3. Orla Kiely changing bags – I’m a huge Orla Kiely fan and my review of a 2010 changing bag is always popular

4. money saving tips whilst on maternity leave – being a stay at home mum is not easy financially and my top 10 tips for saving money whilst on maternity leave gets lots of hits every week
5. iPad apps for toddlers – my son is a geek, not surprising given his Daddy constantly has a iPad, iPhone and laptop within reach. We are always on the lookout for apps for Edward to use on his Innotab or on our gadgets.


Some of the other search terms made me laugh so much! Did you know that people also found my blog by searching for ‘1980s sister’ or the eternal question of ‘when to introduce father christmas’. One freaky search term was definitely ‘adult pamper nappy for day and night for life’…

I’m obviously not the only person to have found ‘cliqueyness at mother and baby groups’ although I’m pleased to say when I ventured back to that particular playgroup it was a much better experience.

Ever wondered ‘how to assemble a tripp trapp’ ? I’m pleased to say we didn’t have any trouble putting ours together but perhaps other people haven’t been quite so lucky!

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    Kate Takes 5
    October 18, 2011 at 4:09 pm

    Well at least most of yours made sense – which sadly can’t be said of some of the others! Thanks for joining in. x

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