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Bye bye baby

I’m resigned to the fact that we’ve recently waved goodbye to those blissful baby months. You know, the ones where you can guarantee that if you leave your baby on his playmat in the middle of the floor he’ll still be there while you answer the door. Ever since Edward turned 9 months (a mere week or two ago!) he seems to have turned into a whirlwind of energy. We’ve been back home for a couple of days and he obviously feels the need to explore every corner. So far he’s pretty much ignored his lovely Christmas toys in favour of the tv cabinet, the curtains, the coffee table, the stairs and the cat’s food and water bowls!

He’s changed from a bum shuffler to a crawler. He’s still teething with no sign of teeth. His naps have also cut down to two naps of just 30 minutes in the morning and afternoon. He’s a really good sleeper at night and will sleep from 7 through til 7 which I am grateful for. It just seems like he’s changed, less babyish and more toddlerish I suppose.

I’ve also been trying to conquer my terror of cooking for him. You may remember a few months ago when I first tried he wouldn’t eat the food I prepared. He’s pretty much been eating every product that Hipp Organic, Organix and Plum make. I know he can eat textured foods, just not mine. I’ve been reading my weaning books and I will crack this!

My favourite times are when he puts his arms up to be picked up and when he nestles his head on my shoulder – heart melting!


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    January 7, 2011 at 9:27 pm

    Ha ha sounds like my boy- except that he has NEVER been still! Ever since he could hold his head up and there has never been a time that you coudl put him down in one place and expect him to stay! He’s walking now and its a full time job just stemming the wrecking-ball effect! Oh and if you get any good ideas for feeding, please PLEASE let me know!!

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    January 9, 2011 at 4:47 pm

    Ah bless, they get worse. Baba is now two and a bit and he never ever sits still, he doesn’t even sleep still. Moves from one end of the bed to the other every night. On the note of feeding Baby pasta and a cheese sauce with a little veg whizzed up was always a favourite in our house always went down well xx

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