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Yesterday a taxi driver saved my life

Yesterday a taxi driver saved my life. Ok, so I’m being a bit dramatic but seriously a taxi driver did help us! Our NCT group have been looking for events to get us through the colder months and someone came across Mini Mozart classes. It’s very popular but we managed to squeeze into the post-natal group.

Our first class was yesterday at the local YMCA. I don’t drive but I knew which bus to take and did my usual calculations on what time we needed to leave – taking into account getting Edward dressed, clean nappy, packing the changing and food bags and so on. We waited at the bus stop and waited and waited. I started glancing at my watch trying to calculate if we were going to make it. I hate being late and began to feel a bit panicky. I checked my purse and realised I had enough for a taxi so flagged one down. This was Edward’s first trip in a taxi but we made it.

Unfortunately we made it to the wrong building! So we ran back down the road to the right building with a few minutes to spare.  The session lasted for 45 minutes and consisted of a warm up session where the instruments were introduced, followed by a musical fairy tale (oddly involving a parachute and bubbles!). Edward didn’t enjoy it very much but I think we were both a bit stressed and it takes us a couple of sessions of anything new until we feel relaxed. I’m looking forward to seeing if he develops a passion for classical music!

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