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Days off…

are bliss 🙂 I took today off to do boring stuff, such as write an essay (‘analyse the impact of lesbian history on women’s history’ before you ask). Stuff that requires thought and concentration. However that can wait until tomorrow. Instead I did fun stuff – met the better half for lunch, went to see Americans in Paris at the National Gallery and bought a dress at my favourite shop, Cath Kidston.

I’ve been too busy to do much on my family tree lately. I’ve realised that I’m subscribed to 9 family history mailing lists so at least I still hear about important websites, programmes and books.

I have to moan about Ancestry. They sent me an emailing thanking them for signing up to a subscription which I hadn’t! They even took money out of my account which I hadn’t authorised. When I rang up to complain I didn’t get an apology from ‘Witney’, the delightful American I had to wait on hold for 13 minutes to speak to. Ancestry obviously think they rule the family history world. They won’t be getting my money for much longer.

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