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Dear landlord of flat downstairs,

I can’t take much more.
You have let your beautifully refurbished flat to a couple of chavs.
1) they slam every door possible
2) they never double lock the front door (despite the polite notice on the back of it)
3) they play shite music
4) they play this music whenever they feel like it, for example, Monday 19th September 2005 6.45 am, loud enough to wake me up; Monday 19th September 2005 11.30pm, loud enough to stop me from nodding off; Tuesday 20th September 2005 7.15am, before I wanted to be awake; Tuesday 20th September 2005 00.20am loud enough to keep me awake despite the sleeping tablets….
5) surely I have the right to some peace and quiet?

L(ovely) b(oyfriend) uploaded a new GEDCOM file, showcasing the recently discovered Cole branch of the family.

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