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Hot Cross Cookies and the Colossal Cake Sale

Over the weekend we have been eating our way through a pile of Hot Cross Cookies from a recipe I found on Whitworths Sugar website. They were easy to make, half an hour from start to finish, and a great alternative to the traditional Hot Cross Bun typically eaten at this time of year.

hot cross cookies

I left out the white chocolate pieces as we all eat far too much chocolate at this time of year (!) but I did decorate them with white chocolate with a little help from my son.

hot cross cookies

The cookies were delicious so would be a great bake for the Colossal Cake Sale!

hot cross cookies

When the Colossal Cake Sale was launched the idea was simple; wouldn’t it be wonderful if every community held a cake sale? That’s what Help for Heroes hopes thousands of its supporters will do this year. Whether selling trays of cakes in the office, holding a bake sale at school or organising a cake sale in the local shopping mall, every cupcake, brownie and coffee cake sold will help provide vital support to those who have suffered life-changing injuries and their families, for life.

Whitworths Sugar is sponsoring this year’s Colossal Cake Sale and aims to entice the nation to throw on an apron, pick up a wooden spoon and bake their way to fund-raising for the nation’s heroes.

You can find some delicious recipes on the Whitworths Sugar website and don’t forget to look out for the Whitworths Sugar specially branded Help for Heroes sugar packs, available from Asda nationwide from early April.


Please note I received a bundle of Whitworths Sugar in return for writing this post.


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Dyeing eggs for Easter

I know my children don’t have a clue about Easter but that hasn’t stopped us enjoying some Easter crafting. Yesterday we tried our hands at decorating and dyeing hard boiled eggs. This was actually quite quick so the children were able to follow the whole process. I thought I’d share it here as my two really enjoyed it.

Dyeing eggs for Easter

You will need:
Scotch Magic Tape
food colouring

First hard boil the eggs. I boiled them for 10 minutes then placed them in a sieve and ran cold water over them for a minute before leaving them in a bowl of cold water for another 10 minutes.

When they are cool you can start to decorate them. My 4 year old loves to practise his cutting so I gave him small pieces of Scotch Magic Tape which he cut into triangles and different shapes and placed on the egg.

decorating Easter eggs 4

We then placed each egg into a tall glass of cold water mixed with 2 tablespoons of vinegar and a generous portion of food colouring.

decorating Easter eggs

After an hour we took the eggs from the water and removed the Scotch Magic Tape to reveal our designs.

decorating Easter eggs

Scotch Magic Tape is great for crafting with children as it doesn’t stick to itself and is instantly reposition-able, so if you make a mistake it’s quick and easy to fix!

If you try this yourself my top tip is make sure you squeeze out any air bubbles under the tape otherwise the dye will leak through and spoil your design.

We were sent the samples of Scotch Magic Tape for some Easter crafting :)


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How to make your own Easter eggs

I think it’s fair to say we’re enjoying our Easter holidays. The 4 year old was in desperate need of a break from his nursery routine (he attends for five afternoons a week) and we’ve been crafting, to the beach, seen family and friends and for the first time, made our own Easter eggs!

Have you ever tried using a chocolate mould before? We found it surprisingly time consuming as each layer needs to be left to solidify before another one is added.

“Daddy, me have more chocolate please!”

making chocolate easter eggs 2

It was great fun though and there was plenty of chocolate left over which made the children happy as they could lick the bowl. As the shells were so fragile (one broke whilst getting it out of the mould) we didn’t join two to make eggs, instead decorating the shells flat. This meant it was much easier for small hands to hold onto. We used icing tubes as glue to stick on a sweetie face.

We were sent the Easter Egg Kit from #stayinhappybunnies to take part in this fun craft activity

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