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Easy button pumpkin craft

I spotted pumpkins during the weekly shop and my children were really curious about them so we bought one. It has taken pride of place in the dining room and we’ve been inspired to craft our own pumpkins with buttons.

Easy button pumpkin craft - the gingerbread house

Materials required for an easy button pumpkin craft:
orange and black paint
orange buttons
glue stick

How to make an easy button pumpkin:

First draw a pumpkin shape on a piece of paper and paint. As you can see Little Sis went a little crazy with the paint on her first attempt.

IMG_6916We set our pumpkin paintings aside and left them to dry. Then we set out our equipment for decorating our pumpkins – a glue stick and selection of orange buttons.

IMG_6915Little Sis got to work, first sorting and looking at all the buttons. She made a funny face before deciding to cover the whole pumpkin with glue.

IMG_6918Then she added as many buttons as she could. We talked about the different sizes and where we could stick the buttons but she was really happy to play around. I left her to go and make a drink and by the time I came back she had used all of the buttons up.

Then she finished off her collage with some of her special ‘writing’. Her brother can write his name so she wrote her name, and mine, and her brothers and everyone’s.



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How to transform an Ikea table into a Lego Duplo table

One of my favourite upcycled crafts has been transforming our old Ikea coffee table into a Lego Duplo table for the children. It’s probably the piece of furniture we’ve had the longest as I think we bought it 8 years ago when we first moved in together.

easy lego table - the gingerbread house

It’s served us well. A couple of years ago it got its first transformation. It was given a coat or two of blackboard paint so the toddler could do his mark making on it.

He quickly got bored of that idea (walls were much more appealing) so it was pretty un-used and even spent some time in the play house. The children have enjoyed playing with Lego Duplo ever since they could grasp a brick so we thought we’d turn it into a Lego Duplo table for them.

Equipment you will need to transform an Ikea table into a Lego Duplo table:

It was the easiest upcycle ever. We hopped on the tube to Ikea and picked up two BYGEL rails from their Kitchen accessories and 6 colourful BYGEL containers to hang on them. The rails were £2 each and the containers only 60p each – our cheapest Ikea trip ever.

How to transform an Ikea table into a Lego Duplo table:

One evening we lightly sanded the top of the table before glueing a spare Lego Duplo base board in the centre of the table with Evostik contact adhesive, we weighted it down with some heavy books and left it to dry overnight.

The next day we added the two rails to the legs of the table, one on each side, and hung the cups from them to use as Lego storage.

As a final touch we painted lines around the base board to look like a road.

The children love their Lego Duplo table and it’s been a big hit with them. We already had two Ikea Sundvik chairs so they are quite happy to sit at their table and play. They’ve built Lego houses, schools, air craft hangers and petrol stations and had races around the road too. Not a bad return for a couple of pounds spent in Ikea!


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Toddler-friendly Valentine craft

A while ago I pinned a pretty picture of wool hearts. I wanted to try them with my son but the metal heart (made from floral wire) was too fiddly for him to hold and wrap at the same time.

Instead we tried using some chunky heart-shaped cookie cutters which were much easier for him to hold.

toddler playing with a ball of wool

I covered the outside of the cookie cutter in double-sided sticky tape, then he had fun wrapping each one with red wool.

wool wrapped cookie cutter hearts

When he had finished I tied a knot in the wool at the top of each cutter, leaving a small amount to hang them with.

three wool wrapped hearts

A simple craft with instant results, perfect for my impatient 3 year old.

red wool wrapped heart in window


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