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How to bleach bottle brush trees

This year’s obsession is house-shaped tea light holders. We recently put up two long shelves in our living room. They’re really long and high up enough so they can’t be taken over by my 4 year old and his obsession with making displays of his toys.

I’ve accumulated a small collection of tea light holders and I’ve made them into a little village, complete with sweet little bottle brush trees.

I was aiming for a green and white theme but a few red houses have slipped in so I thought I would mix up the colour even more by bleaching a few of my bottle brush trees.

How to bleach bottle brush trees

Equipment needed to bleach bottle brush trees:
assortment of bottle brush trees (I bought mine from eBay)
household bleach
plastic container
kitchen gloves
warm water

How to bleach bottle brush trees:

Set up your equipment in a well ventilated area. I used my kitchen as I had easy access to water and an open window.

Put on your rubber gloves. Fill up a small plastic container two thirds full of warm water. I used a plastic measuring jug. Pour in your household bleach to make up a third of the solution and mix.

Carefully dip your bottle brush tree into the water and bleach solution. This is the fun part!

It’s not an exact science so you can experiment. Watch as the solution turns cloudy and keep bringing up your bottle brush tree so you can check the colour change. I dipped my large tree for only 20 seconds, it really does change colour super quick!

The smaller trees I dipped for 10-15 seconds as I tried to get a variation of colours for my display.

When you’re happy with the result rinse your trees with warm water, leave to dry on a paper towel.

How to bleach bottle brush treesBleaching shouldn’t remove the fake snow but you can add more glitter with a little glue when they’re dry if needed.

What do you think? It’s a really easy fix and I love being able to customise shop bought decorations.


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Monthly makes – October

This has been a great month for some grown up crafting. I’ve cut back on my blogging which means lots more time for making the things that make me happy rather than hours spent staring at my laptop.

I completed Wild Olive’s Winter Stitching Club pattern which made a really lovely table mat or wall hanging. I loved stitching each hexagon and making them into puffy hexies. I think my favourites are the embroidered Christmas jumper and quilt.

Wild OliveWild Olive’s Winter Stitching Club

I’ve completed some smaller projects too, such as a cute little gingerbread man I bought from Asking for Trouble ages ago. I stitched the gingerbread couple which was a freebie with the Christmas Prima Makes mag too.

gingerbread people from Prima

So far I’ve made two ornaments from Betz White’s 2014 Holiday Stitch Along Ornament Club, the felt owl and felt Snow Globe in a cute embroidery frame. I joined last year and never got round to making any of the four projects so you can see I’m making an extra effort to take part and actually make the projects this year.

Betz White owlBetz White felt owl

Betz White felt snow globeBetz White felt snow globe

I’ve just started work on a special handmade gift but it’s quite ambitious and I’m not sure if I should be concentrating all my efforts on getting it finished for Christmas or not. The weeks seem to be flying past as usual so fingers crossed I have something to show next month too :)


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Easy button pumpkin craft

I spotted pumpkins during the weekly shop and my children were really curious about them so we bought one. It has taken pride of place in the dining room and we’ve been inspired to craft our own pumpkins with buttons.

Easy button pumpkin craft - the gingerbread house

Materials required for an easy button pumpkin craft:
orange and black paint
orange buttons
glue stick

How to make an easy button pumpkin:

First draw a pumpkin shape on a piece of paper and paint. As you can see Little Sis went a little crazy with the paint on her first attempt.

IMG_6916We set our pumpkin paintings aside and left them to dry. Then we set out our equipment for decorating our pumpkins – a glue stick and selection of orange buttons.

IMG_6915Little Sis got to work, first sorting and looking at all the buttons. She made a funny face before deciding to cover the whole pumpkin with glue.

IMG_6918Then she added as many buttons as she could. We talked about the different sizes and where we could stick the buttons but she was really happy to play around. I left her to go and make a drink and by the time I came back she had used all of the buttons up.

Then she finished off her collage with some of her special ‘writing’. Her brother can write his name so she wrote her name, and mine, and her brothers and everyone’s.



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