Win an annual pass to the Eden Project!

I was recently asked if I would like to try Baobab, it’s the latest super-fruit that is grown in South Africa and is harvested and turned into a nutrient rich powder by the Eden Project in Cornwall. They sell it as a smoothie in their Rainforest Biome, and it is now available to buy in sachet form through their online shop.

Gram for gram, baobab fruit has six times more vitamin C than an orange and more calcium than a glass of milk. Baobab also benefits from having three times more iron than red meat, six times as much potassium than in bananas and more than three times as much antioxidants than blueberries! It almost sounds too good to be true so I was happy to try it out for myself.

baobab powder sachets

I was sent enough samples for a week, and found that it was really easy to get a daily nutritional boost with one simple addition to your diet.
Baobab fruit powder has a tangy flavour suited to both savoury and sweet dishes and it couldn’t be easier to add it to your diet. Some serving ideas include:

  • Stir a teaspoon into a smoothie or fruit juice and taste the difference
  • Zap up your breakfast cereal or oats porridge by adding a prickle
  • Blend into your low fat yoghurt to add an exotic twist. Serve with chopped fruit
  • Like homemade bread or jam? Mix some baobab powder in and boost the nutritional value of every slice of toast
  • Create healthy treats by adding it into your pancakes or homemade breakfast bars

Baobab products can be purchased online at from the Eden Project shop as well as Holland & Barrett, Planet Organic and all good health food shops.

I have been offered one annual pass to the Eden Project for a lucky reader of the gingerbread house. The winner will able to see the baobab tree (and all the other wonderful things the Eden Project has to offer!) for themselves. Entry couldn’t be easier – simply complete the Rafflecopter form below and answer the easy question (mandatory for entry to this giveaway).

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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45 Responses to Win an annual pass to the Eden Project!

  1. kathleen hooper

    never been to eden project but would love to!!

  2. Mummylish

    South Africa! Would love to win a pass to the Eden Project, it is amazing there!!!
    Mummylish recently posted..Through the eyes of a child #16 – God

  3. Kerry-Ann Pope

    South Africa

    Despite living just on the border of Cornwall I have never been to the Eden Project with our little boys.

  4. Annaloa Hilmarsdottir

    Africa and India and parts of Oman

  5. Judy

    Across Africa and also in India.

  6. nikki pellow

    South Africa

  7. Francesca Tuck

    South Africa

  8. Susie Wilkinson

    South Africa

  9. Suzy Travers

    South Africa


    South Africa

  11. Carolina J.

    South Africa

  12. Allan Smith

    South Africa

  13. Donna Morton

    South Africa

  14. lowri earith

    South Africa

  15. Ellen Hewitt

    The super fruit baobab is grown in South Africa.


    Madagascar and Africa

  17. Catherine Williams

    South Africa

  18. Rose Paynter

    South Africa

  19. Deborah Ryall


  20. Adam Richmond-Gordon

    South Africa

  21. David Paterson

    South Africa

  22. Alison Mortimer

    South Africa

  23. Lisa Sands

    South Africa :) xx

  24. Rachel Smith

    South Africa x

  25. Emily Clark

    South Africa


    South Africa

  27. katrina. walsh

    south africa

  28. dianne Parrinder

    South Africa

  29. Hannah ONeill

    South Africa

  30. Cathy Gordon

    Answer: South Africa


    Across Africa and also in India.

  32. barbara s

    south Africa hope to win so we can visit you soon

  33. Jon Bell

    South Africa

  34. Kerry Kilmister

    South Africa

  35. Jane Middleton

    South Africa

  36. Belinda Matthews

    South Africa

  37. Annamarie Riddiford

    south africa

  38. Rachel Rogers

    South Africa

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