Win a selection of scary treats with Swizzels Matlow

Are you prepared for any Trick or Treaters knocking on your door tomorrow? We have a huge selection of scary treats thanks to Swizzels Matlow, the king of the trick or treat season. They sent us a yummy collection of sweet treats to try and the good news is we have a selection to giveaway too!

This year’s new ghoulish party delight is Trick or Sweet, which includes a choice of Double Lollies, New Refresher bars, Parma Violets, Love Hearts, Fruity Pops, Fizzers and Drumstick Lollies. Swizzels Matlow’s other frightening fancies include Trick or Treat Lolly Mix available at Morrisons which includes Monster Double Lollies, orange and black Drumstick lollies and pumpkin themed Fruity Pops. Spooky Trick or Treat Mix tub available at Tesco is perfect for celebrations over the spooky season, it’s stocked full of all your Swizzels Matlow favourites.

Swizzels Matlow’s old favourites – Bumper Bag, Lots of Lollies and Chew Crew – are perfect for sharing over the spooky season. The sweets are all individually wrapped making them ideal for Trick or Treaters or serving at parties.

Sound good? You can win 1 of 5 ultimate Halloween party treat hampers by submitting a scary faces photo to the Swizzels Matlow Facebook page. You have until midnight on October 31st to enter.

win a selection of swizzels matlow products


I have been given a selection of Swizzels Matlow sweets (pictured above) to giveaway to a reader of the gingerbread house. If you fancy getting your hands on some of these old school favourites simply complete the Rafflecopter form below. The giveaway will end of November 8th. Good luck!

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389 Responses to Win a selection of scary treats with Swizzels Matlow

  1. melanie stirling

    I like the little fizzers the most.

  2. Debbie Creasey

    love hearts 😀

  3. Lynne OConnor

    Refresher chews

  4. Lynsey Buchanan


  5. Lisa Lewis


  6. Tracy Nixon

    Love Hearts!

  7. clair downham

    drumstick lollies

  8. ashleigh

    drumsticks or refreshers!

  9. kerri jones

    Deffo the little green turtles lol x

  10. angela hedley

    drumstick lollies are my fave

  11. Tracey Peach

    I love the Drumstick Lollies that takes me back to my childhood

  12. Kim Allen

    Double Lollies!

  13. Paul Wilson


  14. Mark Finch


  15. Beky Austerberry

    Drumstick lollies

  16. Jackie ONeill

    Love Hearts

  17. Tracey Belcher

    drumstick lolly
    Tracey Belcher recently posted..The best fruit and veg for Juicing

  18. Pam Lawrence

    Drumsticks are a favourite of mine – you get the best of both worlds, a lolly AND a chew!!!

  19. Amy Beckett

    Drumstick lollies

  20. Kay TrailerTrash Bob

    The double lolly!

  21. Clare F Wood


  22. glenn hutton

    Refresher chews

  23. kim neville

    Love hearts

  24. christine shelley


  25. Laura H

    Absolutely a drumstick Lolly!

  26. Zoe G

    Drumstick Lollies are my fave

  27. Rebecca maddocks


  28. katrina day-reilly

    drumsticks are my fave

  29. Francesca Tuck


  30. Lisa Cornfield

    love hearts

  31. Val Swift

    Parma violets

  32. Steven Appleton

    Refreshers :)

  33. Helen Barton


  34. Tammy Tudor

    Love hearts <3

  35. Helen Simpson


  36. Scott Holloway

    Parma Violets always take them before anyone else gets them

  37. claire griffiths


  38. Hazel Christopher

    Lovehearts! :)

  39. Danika Lloyd


  40. Hilda Hazel wright

    Parma Violets! Yum!

  41. Sarah N

    I like Refreshers the best!



  43. Hannah Oneill

    Love hearts or Drumsticks (depends on my mood!)

  44. Keri Jones

    I love Drumstick lollies :)

  45. Cris Curran

    Refreshers… yummy!

  46. laura jayne bates

    love hearts

  47. Tom

    Ahhhhh UFO’s !!!!

  48. joanne mcdonald


  49. Karen Barrett

    Love Hearts

  50. Lorraine Tinsley

    Drumstick lollies :)

  51. becca staples

    love hearts x

  52. Adele Hill

    Refresher chews

  53. Margaret

    Double lollies

  54. Janet Dring


  55. sarah birkett

    parma violets, just the smell reminds me of my childhood

  56. Mel Briscoe


  57. anthony harrington

    drum sticks – yummy!

  58. David Vessey


  59. Susan Ellams

    drumstick lollies because they get stuck in my teeth

  60. vicky garrett

    I love the drumstick lollies but I like warming them up first in my hand so they are soft and gooey :-)

  61. kelly harper


  62. Susie Wilkinson

    Parma Violets <3

  63. Maggie Coates

    drumstick lollies

  64. zoey deacon



    Parma violets – when i was little I thought they were so grown up

  66. michelle drew

    drumstick lollies

  67. Susan Hall

    Black Jacks

  68. Rachel Downes



    Refreshers for me

  70. Melanie Gardiner

    Love Hearts

  71. maria molly taylor

    Parma Violets

  72. Danielle woodman

    The drumsticks

  73. Charlotte Ingham

    Parma Violets

  74. Christina Curtis

    Drumstick lollies.

  75. Lydia

    It used to be the drumstick lollies but I haven’t had them for so long that might have changed :)

  76. Angie Allen

    Drumstick Lollies

  77. Charlotte Clark

    drumsticks for sure!

  78. tracy steer


  79. Amber Joyner

    Love Hearts!

  80. Bryan Mewse

    Drumstick lollies are fab.

  81. Alison Wakefield


  82. jenny owen

    Love Hearts


    parma violets for me

  84. Kathleen Marsden

    Palma Violets

  85. Lorraine Partyn

    LOVE HEARTS are my favourite – they didn’t say things like “text me” on them in my day though!

  86. Stefan Pearson

    Drumsticks mmmmmmm

  87. Katie Evans


  88. Amanda Oakley

    I love a Mr Chew

  89. Alison Joyce


  90. Lyn Bosomworth

    drumstick lollies

  91. Michelle Kinsey

    ORIGINAL drumstick lollies – or more recently, I’ve become addicted to Drumstick Squashies…. :) yum x

  92. Caroline Blaza

    Love Hearts

  93. alison johnson

    I love drumstick lollies x

  94. rhian purches

    sherbert lollies

  95. paul sullivan


  96. Susan Sargent


  97. Iz ferguson

    Drumstick lollies

  98. Patricia White


  99. Claire D

    Drumstick lollies

  100. Jason Henson

    Tough choice between refreshers and rainbow drops! If I HAD to choose I think refreshers would just sneak it



  102. John Taggart

    Drumstick lollies

  103. Diane Radford


  104. Julie Ward

    Drumstick lollies

  105. Greig spencer

    Love hearts



  107. keith crooks

    Refresher Chews

  108. Allan Wilson


  109. Bridgette Birkett

    Love Hearts

  110. Paula Barker


  111. Laura Morris

    Love Hearts!

  112. Jennifer Wallin


  113. Linda McGarrigle

    Drumstick lollies ooooh! yummy x

  114. Kevin Honey

    Love Hearts

  115. Chrissy Faery

    Drumsticks! Yummy! x

  116. karen cowley

    I love strawberry refreshers, yum yum xx

  117. Jacqueline Cook

    Refreshers :)

  118. Holly Smith


  119. sarah brooker

    chew crew

  120. Ann Skamarauskas

    Love Hearts

  121. kim

    drumstick lollies

  122. Michelle Ferguson

    Love hearts

  123. amanda davis


  124. Emma Thackery

    parma violets

  125. iain maciver

    drumstick squashies

  126. caroline

    I LOVE Drumstick lollies

  127. fiona mcbride

    drumstick lollies

  128. michelle lintern

    drumstick lolly

  129. victoria taylor

    drumstick lolly

  130. Abby Smith

    Parma violets!

  131. anita maciver

    Double Lollies – mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

  132. natasha


  133. catherine durkin


  134. Zoe Roxby

    Parma Violets @ZoeRoxby

  135. Lisa Fletcher


  136. helen booth

    love hearts!

  137. Zoe Coen

    drumstick lollies

  138. anne murray

    Love Hearts

  139. Emma Goldsmith

    Love Hearts.

  140. julie laing

    drumstick lollies

  141. Steve Dickinson

    Fizzers !!

  142. lauren tourle

    love hearts are oo cute and yummy :) loves them :)

  143. Samantha R



    Double lollies x

  145. ellie walker


  146. robert sharman

    double lollies my favourite

  147. natalie holland


  148. katrina walsh

    parma violets

  149. Carrie Hamilton

    Drumstick lollies! Om nom nom! :)

  150. Andrew Wagner

    drumsticks :)

  151. laura banks


  152. laura stewart

    Refresher chews

  153. donna jones


  154. Clint Howat

    drumstick lollies

  155. Katherine Coldicott

    Refreshers Chews

  156. Julie Venner-Beard

    love hearts

  157. shelley stevenson

    drumsticks are too good..

  158. Jane wilson

    Drumstick lollies

  159. Kirsty Sparks

    Parma Violets

  160. Deborah Wheeler


  161. Kristy Brown

    Drumstick lollies!

  162. maxine banks

    I love putting LOVE HEARTS on my cupcakes for my family

  163. vicky cockett

    drumstick lollies!!! yummy!!

  164. Pamela

    Parma Violets – they remind me of my late grandmother.

  165. claire matthews-curtis

    Hard to choose but I think Drumsticks :)

  166. Dil Price

    Love hearts and drumsticks!

  167. Johannah Carroll

    Drumstick Lollies….as they last me ages :)

  168. debbie abbott

    Drumstick lollies

  169. Vivienne Wilkes

    Drumstick lollies!

  170. donna clinton

    Drumstick lollies

  171. Julie Savage


  172. Pam Francis Gregory


  173. Paula Phillips

    New Refresher bars

  174. Trudi Walsh

    Love Hearts

  175. Mike Gerrie


  176. Robby Price


  177. Lucy Higgins

    Drumsticks or Parma violets

  178. Ken Brown

    Refreshers are a blast from my past

  179. Katie Skeoch

    Drumsticks :)

  180. drumstick lollies, a timeless favourite

  181. barbara clarke


  182. Gabrielle Svensson

    Love hearts

  183. elaine stokes

    parma violets yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy

  184. Emma Matthews

    Refreshers all the way :-)

  185. Saran Benjamin


  186. jayne hall

    love hearts

  187. Laura Coe

    Drumstick lollies

  188. John Naylor

    Drumstick lollies as they take me back to weekends at my grandparents.

  189. Scott Fallon

    Parma Violets

  190. Charlotte

    Double lollys!

  191. Fiona Mallard

    Parma violets, but only the small ones!

  192. Melanie Burton

    Drumstick lollies! Yum!


    Drumstick lollies are my favourite

  194. james darrington

    It has been and probably always will be the drumstick lollies.

  195. Cathryn Bowen

    Parma Violets

  196. John Paul McGee

    Drumstick Lollies

  197. adrian knox

    refreshers and anything that fizzers

  198. bridget smith

    love hearts

  199. Lauren Coupe-Robinson


  200. Angela Williams

    love hearts

  201. Gemma Snell

    parma violets :)

  202. Laura Pyper


  203. sheridarby

    Drumstick lollies

  204. Laura Vitty

    I love the new gummy range, gummy drumsticks are yum.

  205. Esme McCrubb



    Love Hearts!

  207. Natalie Ellis

    parma violets

  208. Keeley Atkinson

    Parma Violets

  209. Nicola Holland

    Drumsticks are delicious

  210. saisse sanders


  211. Catherine Amaro


  212. Debbie Kilroy

    gotta be the drumstick!

  213. Karen Martin

    love hearts

  214. Hayley Mulgrove


  215. Joanna Sawka

    Drumstick lollies


    parma violets

  217. Chris Bell

    Double Lollies – I’m totally in love with them!! nom nom!

  218. Jane Green

    Drumstick lollies

  219. Mickie Bull

    Drumstick Lollies

  220. Patricia Walker

    drumstick lollies

  221. Karen wright

    Drumsticks x

  222. Diana Semionova

    Refreshers :)

  223. Gillian Hale

    drumstick lollies

  224. vicki hennie

    Love Hearts

  225. Lauren Old


  226. gracieg

    love hearts —how could it be anything else!!!

  227. joanne liddement

    Love hearts


    Drumsticks x

  229. teresa thorne

    Double Lollies

  230. Karen R

    I love the Double lollies :)

  231. sarah fleck

    Double Lollies and Love Hearts :-)

  232. laura avery

    Drumstick lollys keeps the kids quiet for a bit longer 😛


    Parma violets

  234. Natalie Crossan

    Parma Violets

  235. michelle pierce


  236. tracey gibbons

    drumstick lolly

  237. Jacqui Osborne

    It has to be Love Hearts. I always read them and sometimes share the best ones with my family – aw!

  238. katherine grieve

    Parma Violets or Drumsticks, cant decide!

  239. catriona nation


  240. Chris Fletcher

    refreshers – the best by far!

  241. Rebecca Garner

    Drumstick lollies all the way!! 😀

  242. Kirsty Woods

    Parma Violets are the best

  243. julie baxter

    drumstick lollies

  244. Claire Appleton

    Drumstick Lollies! :)

  245. Jennifer Taylor

    Drumstick Lollies

  246. Julie Paton

    has to be the Drumstick lolly

  247. karen dixon


  248. John Tooth

    drum sticks

  249. gemma raines

    parma violets

  250. Annabel fincham


  251. Anita

    Drumstick lollies

  252. Janine Atkin

    love hearts

  253. claire little

    love hearts :)

  254. Deborah Hambleton


  255. louise bennett


  256. kirsty slow

    love hearts

  257. sarah parker

    love hearts

  258. Natalie Henderson

    Drumsticks! :-)


    drumstick lollies

  260. lisa tebbutt


  261. Sarah Morris

    Tough call, but I have to say Drumstick lollies, I have loved them since I was a kid, but also love Love Heart sweets and the Refresher chews… bit of a sweet tooth I have!!

  262. Ellen Stafford

    Drumstick Lollies

  263. Gary Topley

    Drumstick Lollies

  264. Lani Nash

    love hearts

  265. Deborah Bird

    The double lolly x

  266. Debbie Preston


  267. anita roberts


  268. chris roberts

    i love refresher bars

  269. Hannah Weetman

    Double lollies….I could just eat them all day! xx


    love hearts

  271. sarah palmer

    either love hearts or drumstick lolly

  272. Helen

    Drumstick lollies!

  273. Teresa Lee

    Love Hearts

  274. Carrie Talbot-Ashby

    Refreshers! Deeeelicious! Reminds me of my dad :-) <3

  275. lowri earith

    refresher bars

  276. Karen Colquhoun

    love hearts :)

  277. Rachel Craig

    Love Hearts.

  278. Samantha Rummens


  279. Julia Wulff


  280. Hannah Whitling

    I like the ‘Toothbrush and Teeth’ fun gums.

  281. Rebecca Mercer

    Drumstick lollies

  282. dragonfly63

    Refresher Chews

  283. Katie Gould

    drumstick lollies

  284. Hayley Todd

    My absolute favourites are Parma Violets x

  285. Nyasha Mtutu


  286. Erica Field

    Love hearts

  287. claire wilkinson

    love the double lollies

  288. zarah aspinall

    love drumstick lollies.. thats all i was pinching out of my kiddes halloween haul! xx

  289. Hayley Davies


  290. Helen Atkins

    Refreshers xx

  291. daniel inglis

    love hearts

  292. Kay Braisher

    Parma Violets :)

  293. Tracey McPartland

    Parma Violets

  294. Jo Faulkner

    Love Drumsticks

  295. Angela Sandhu

    Parma Violets

  296. Adrian Clarke

    Banana Skids

  297. Rebecca Nisbet

    Love the double lollies!

  298. Mariann Harangi

    love hearts

  299. pauline byrne

    parma violets are soo yummy can eat them all day long

  300. Lauren Woolhouse


  301. stacey kirkbride


  302. Lynthia Doran

    The taste of parma violets always transports me back to my

  303. Kirsty Harrington


  304. Louise Macgregor

    We’re having a late Halloween for the kids on my road-would love this as a little treat for them!

  305. kerry Taylor

    got to be drumsticks!

  306. scarlett brannan

    Dip dabs

  307. tracy sinclair

    Refreshers are my favourite x

  308. Alfredo Vazquez

    Drumstick lollies :-)

  309. nicola giles

    got to be love hearts <3

  310. Michelle Weston


  311. Jill Fairbank

    Drumstick lollies

  312. Helen Craigs

    Parma Violets :)

  313. Claire Nelson

    Parma Violets

  314. sarah clegg

    Drumstick Lollies mmmmmmm


    Mmmmmmm, The Drumstick Lollies were my Fav as a kid!Still love em,hence lots of teeth missing.Good job they are back ones!!X

  316. Allan Fullarton

    Love Hearts!

  317. Nicola Jayne Robinson


  318. Louise Warren

    Can’t beat a good old drumstick lolly

  319. Wendy Guy

    Love Hearts are lovely.

  320. Lesley Bain

    Refreshers :) x

  321. Lee Grimes


  322. Becky Downey

    love hearts yesss

  323. Helen Garner

    Love Hearts

  324. elaine hollis

    sherbert lemon chew

  325. leanne abel

    Refreshers are my favourite

  326. Jackie Rushton

    Sherbet Fountain

  327. stacey holnes

    Mmmmm refreshers :)

  328. Amy Ripley

    Love Hearts!

  329. George Williamson


  330. Champaklal Lad


  331. Jessica Slater


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