Time for a Spring Clean?

The sun has been shining all day which has put a spring in our step. It was lovely to be out and about this morning. However, despite the sunshine I have a huge list of jobs to do. Forget spring cleaning, I’m having moving house panic! Our buyer is pushing to move at the end of the month, so, on top of birthdays, Easter and a weekend at Peppa Pig World we now have to prepare to move house. So much for enjoying the last few months in our home!

A recent survey by Oven Pride, the number one oven cleaning brand, found that a staggering 316 million ‘little household jobs’ currently need attention in Britain’s homes. The survey revealed that almost half of us currently have dirty ovens waiting to be cleaned. With so many of us shutting the door on this nightmare task, it is perhaps no surprise that it has been named as the number one most hated household chore by more than 55% of those asked!

Not all of those 316 million jobs need doing in my house but my oven really needs a clean and I couldn’t put it off any longer. Fortunately we were sent a sample of Oven Pride to try.

oven prideOven Pride is really easy to use and can help transform racks and grills, making excessive scrubbing and scouring a thing of the past. Simply apply the formula to the areas that need to be cleaned and leave to soak for a minimum of 4 hours (or ideally overnight). Then remove the residue with a sponge or cloth and rinse the inside of the oven and racks with plenty of hot soapy water to restore your oven to its former glory. Not exactly fun but it couldn’t be easier with Oven Pride.

Oven Pride retails at £3.99 and is available from all major supermarkets.

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